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Warhammer Miniatures

Tabletop Fantasy Warhammer Games - A Hobby and Craft

There is a hobby out there for everyone, and part of determining what you'll be most drawn to is getting back in touch with your passions. Outdoor activities enthusiasts might find themselves drawn to nature photography, while those with a steady hand and a three-dimensional eye might take up woodworking.

Warhammer Games

If the feeling of transporting yourself to a fantasy world; a magical world alight with color where the anything can happen at any time, is what stirs within you a certain delight- you may want to look into Games Workshop tabletop gaming. From J.R.R. Tolkiens famous Lord of the Rings (LOTR) to Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K science fiction game, tabletop games run the gamut of dreams and allow the player to truly transport him or herself to a battle in another world.

Warhammer miniatures painted army unit
As one of the most popular tabletop war games that enables you to
transport yourself into another world and indulge in your fantasy war game.

Warhammer Fantasy is perhaps the most popular tabletop war game ever created. It is a game of large-scale battles where ogres wage war against ghostly tomb kings, knights lead their troops from atop a majestic Pegasus and dark elves command the magic of the forest. It is also a game where strategy is paramount.

Warhammer Army Hobby

Putting together the perfect Warhammer Army is a project and ongoing hobby in and of itself. There is a character race for every style of fighting, whether you prefer the sheer brute force of an army of Orcs or the swift precision and honed skill of an army of wood-elves.

You may choose your army based on the overarching style of battle you like to wage, and you may build it based on your personal tweaks to the system.

The game is played with an army of 20mm-50mm pieces called miniatures. These fantasy miniatures enact their battles on a tabletop, generally of four by six foot dimensions, decorated with a landscape of model scenery to scale.

Your Warhammer Miniatures

Warhammer Pegasus Knight
Painted Warhammer Pegasus Knight miniature figurine
Your painted Warhammer miniatures are your army, they are your lifeblood, and, for many tabletop gamers, they become a source of pride. That's because Warhammer miniatures produced by Games Workshop come to you as a blank slate, open to any and all the customization you can imagine. The armies then, become a reflection of you, their general.

Many players, for example, like to have their Knights outfitted with their personal family crest, or their ancestral heraldry and colors. Others want to ensure they've got the most colorful or intimidating band of Chaos Warriors or Lizardmen in the game. Still other players, those with a passion for the details, take a great pleasure in introducing to their opponent a miniature so precise and detailed that it almost seems real.

Fantasy Miniatures

Warhammer Wood Elf Fairy
Painted Warhammer Wood Elf Fairy miniature figurine

There are even international contests where players can submit their own painted miniatures. But, even if you aren't confident in your artistic ability, or find that you're in possession of a shaky hand, there are services available to paint your miniatures for you, or where you may choose prepainted miniatures for your collection.

Whether you choose to paint your own, or purchase prepainted figures, an online fantasy art gallery is the best place to get ideas for how you want your army to look.

So whether your passion for Warhammer gaming manifests itself in developing to the fullest an ever-evolving wartime strategy, in mercilessly slaughtering your opponent time and time again, or in crafting the perfect painted fantasy miniatures to wage your battle for you, it's easy to see why millions of people have fallen in love with Warhammer tabletop gaming.

The Warhammer following runs far and wide. You'll find players of the game all over the world, so you'll always have a community in which to share your pieces, your knowledge and your passion for your hobby.

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