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New articles are being added to Hobbies and Crafts from time to time. You will find the list of the latest added articles at the bottom of the home page. Here we provide the list of the more recently added articles.

Fun Things to Do in the Nevada Desert

Things to Do in the Nevada Desert

The Nevada Desert might be the last thing you want to visit on your trip to the Silver State. But the desert can provide you with a plethora of places to see and things to do on your visit to this state. We've selected 8 of fun things to do in the Nevada desert.

All You Need to Know About Community Gardens in NYC

Community Gardens in New York City

In hobbies we usually look to combine pleasurable with useful. Doing your own gardening gives you that and much more. But if you happen to live in NYC with no place to garden at home, find the nearest community garden spot to try your green thumb-ability.

Guidelines for Transforming Your Garage Into a Craft Workshop

Transforming Garage Into a Workshop

In these homebound times, we all look to earn some extra money, or at least keep ourselves occupied with doing something useful. Your garage could be an ideal place to do your craft in peace and quiet. Here are 9 tips to help your realize your dream.

Best Free Things You Can Try in NYC This Spring

Best Free Things You Can Try in NYC

Despite its reputation as one of the most expensive cities in the world, NYC can still offer you good, free things to do while you're here. Whether you're visiting or have moved to NY, we've listed eight best free things that you can do in this great city.

Home Decor Mistakes to Avoid in Your New Home

Home Decor Mistakes to Avoid

How often you bought something you thought would look great at your home, only to realize it's exactly the opposite. These are kind of mistakes you want to avoid when decorating your new home. We've put a list of those together and how to avoid them.

Guide to Designing a Perfect Game Room in Your Home

Guide to Design a Game Room at Home

Everybody loves games. They awaken child within us and are a good excuse to bond with others, to have some fun pass time. It's even better if you have a game room at your home. But if you don't, follow this guide to designing a perfect game room at your home.

Best DIY Clothes Storage Ideas for Children Room

Best DIY Clothes Storage Ideas

There is always a need for more storage space in any home, particularly those with more children. Unlike clothes storage space for adults, such as walk-ins, for children a different approach is needed. This is where creativity and DIY approach works better and cheaper.

Tiny House Hobbies and Fun Activities for Small Spaces

Tiny House Hobbies and Fun Activities

If you feel like your home space is inhibiting you from enjoying your hobbies, we can help you with ideas for a dozen amazing hobbies and fun activities for small spaces. It's time to let your creativity out and get some leisure home-time in relaxing and productive ways.

Outfit Ideas for Men Working From Home

Outfit Ideas for Men Working From Home

With all the pandemic scare around us, it's become a norma to work from home. The technology is available to do so and there are some decided advantages to doing your job from home. It also requires that you follow certain guidelines on how to dress.

Fun Crafts to Do With Young Children

Fun Crafts to Do With Young Children

Learning through play is a fun and entertaining way for parents to help their young children develop their skills, broaden their imagination and create independence. Here are some craft ideas to help your children create something of their own and have fun doing it.

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