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Our articles and guest posts have been written to provide an informative look on a theme, with tips, suggestions and advice included. But most of our articles also include links to other sites and blogs that provide additional information and valuable resources.

Here are the latest added resources:

How to Save for Your Wedding - The average cost of wedding can put the newlyweds plenty out of pocket. This guide provides innovative ways to meet funding needs for a wedding. Find it on our Crafts page.

Wedding Insurance Guide - Unexpected things can and do happen. But the last thing you want is that they spoil the happiest day of your life. This wedding insurance guide gives you the choice of protecting your wedding from the things that might go wrong. Get it on the Crafts page.

Guide to Flying with Disability - People with disabilities often encounter problems when going on a trip or flying. This guide provides helpful tips and resources that can make planning and taking a trip abroad safe and easy for those with disabilities. Find it on our Holidays page.

Guide to Trave Insurance Companies - When you carefully plan your travel trip or an annual holiday, you want to make sure that different things that can happen along the way don't affect you much. This is best done by choosing a good travel insurance cover. More info on our Holidays page.

Room Colours Psychology Guide - Different colours have different symbolism and affect your mood in different ways. This knowledge can be useful when you are choosing the colours for the rooms in your home. On our Home and Hobbies page you will find links to this guide and to the infographic.