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Craftroom Organization
Unique Storage Ideas

How to organize your craft room and crafts stuff,
to keep things tidy and easy to find

Organized book shelves - unique storage ideas for craft room.
A well organized space makes it easy to find things when you need them -
book shelves can also be useful in organizing your crafts stuff.

Crafts. Who doesn't like them? However, hobbies such as this one can be messy and take up a lot of your space. That is when organization skills come in handy. No need for all that messiness. Craftroom organization will help you clean out your hobby area and even get some new ideas – so, let's dive in!

Decluttering is your number one priority

Yes, before we start with storage ideas and ways to organize your valuable tools, you will need to say goodbye to some of the items you have stashed in your craftroom. Hoarding unnecessary tools and leftover materials is definitely your biggest enemy when it comes to craftroom organization. This is not a moment to get all sentimental, even though chances are you will probably go to that place. Once you start going through all your stashed goods, you will find so many things you forgot you had, and they will all seem fun and reusable. But are they really? Will you really use that old paint again? Is it even possible? No. You need to get detached from these feelings right away and get rid of everything you won't be needing anymore.

What to do with the items you don't really need anymore?

Not everything needs to end up in your trash can. What can you do? Here are some ideas:

Recycle – this is an excellent time for you to go green. Give your old items a second chance!

Sell – you will probably stumble upon some things that you don't need anymore; however, they won't be trash-worthy. Some of these items can be sold online or at a yard sale.

Donate – yes, donating is always a good idea. Look for charities in your area online and give away some of your items to others in need.

Craft tools
If you are doing more than one craft, organize your tools accordingly in
separate boxes or on shelves, to save you time and nerves looking for them.

It is time for you to organize everything nicely

Yes, craftroom organization will take some of your time (even more than it seems in the beginning). However, once you finish organizing your tools, projects, and materials, your craftroom will get a new look that you'll love.

  • List all your items, 
  • Sort them by category, 
  • And finally – it is time for you to put everything in its place. 

Here are some unique storage ideas

Even though sorting and organizing things in your craftroom doesn't sound like a lot of fun, it can be. Make this task into a DIY project that you'll love.

Wicker baskets

Your craftroom doesn't have to be ugly or messy. It should blend into the other decor in your house. And that is precisely where wicker baskets come in handy. Turn your messy craftroom into an organized space by labeling wicker baskets and sorting your supplies accordingly.

Wicker basket with balls of coloured knitting yarn
When you have some wicker baskets laying around, use them to organize
your craft stuff - you'd be surprised how easy and effective it can be.


Some materials need to be easily accessible and ready to use at all times. Remember those pegboards you saw at your local crafts store? You can make your own! Add some color, use different frames and containers, and voila! You got yourself a piece of art that won't just make your room look beautiful and neat, but that will also help you stay organized.

Craft supplies
With some imagination, you can quickly come up with unique storage ideas
for your craftroom organization, to tidy up loose tools and supplies.

Closets and shelves

Let's be honest – not every material looks appealing. The same goes for tools. That is why not everything needs to be on display. That is where your old bedroom closet plays a role. This is the moment you should use your knowledge and remake it into an organizational unit that will not only help you clear out your craftroom, but that will add to its decor. On the other hand, some items need to be stored away. And if you need a place to store furniture or other items for a long time – you should definitely consider renting a storage unit in your area.

Also, adding a shelf or two might be a good idea. Look for containers, bins, and boxes of all shapes and sizes to incorporate and use them to add some storage space.

A man remaking an old closet.
Old storage spaces or garage are often potential sources of many things
that can be used to craft shelves, boxes or containers for your craft room.

Remaking your old closet won't be as easy at is seems at first. There will be a lot of carrying things around, and that is why you should consider asking for some assistance. Let professionals help you reorganize your storage space. DIY projects are fun, but you don't overdo it. Ask for help when you need it!

Things you can add to your craftroom closet

  • Paper storage shelving 
  • Paper towel holders  
  • Magnetic wall  

Paper storage shelving will not only help you stay organized, but it will also keep your materials wrinkle-free. Paper towel holders can be used for ribbons, tapes, etc., you name it. And in the end – a magnetic wall. Hang it on the inner side of your crafts closet, and there are countless ways in which you can use it.

Pickled vegetable jars neatly stacked in an old cabinet.
It can be rather amazing how you can utilize your old cabinet to show off your
handywork, turning a plain piece of furniture into a colourful and proud display.

Reuse everything that makes sense

You are crafty and you like giving old things a new look. That is why you need to put everything you know and can make into this project. Go around your house and look for items that can serve another purpose. Turn old jelly jars into cute catchalls for loose buttons. None of this has to be expensive, it’s simply a matter of having a spot for everything, and knowing where that spot is.

Remember – you need to keep things tidy

Once you start thinking about the craftroom organization, many unique storage ideas will come to mind. However, the secret to making your craftroom nice and beautiful is staying tidy, at all times. Don't let this project take too much of your time, and don't get carried away. Make sure all your items serve a purpose and can be used for future projects. Looking cute just won't make the cut this time.

On the other hand, redecorating and reorganizing your hobby room might be fun this one time. But it won't be the next one. This is why you need to do things the right way. Stay focused and try to create as much storage as possible. Declutter – sort – label. And once you do, you will be surprised by the end result.

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