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How to Design the Perfect Craft Room
for Your Home

Things to keep in mind when designing a craft room in your home

If you spend any time as a hobbyist or working on craft projects, then you will know how easy it is to become disorganised and lose things. The fact of the matter is that if you don’t have a dedicated craft space, then it is all too easy to lose track of everything. So, what’s the solution? If you have the space, then the obvious answer is to create your very own craft room or space. This way you can keep organised without the hassle of losing everything.

So, with that in mind, here are some of the best ways that you can work to create a perfect craft room in your home.

Make Room for Storage

First and foremost, storage is one of the key areas in any craft space. Be it a full-sized room of just a small table tucked away, the fact is that you will need plenty of storage for your materials and various resources.

Stainless steel pots used to store coloured penciles, paint brushes and more.
When you are doing crafts, there are sometime countless items and tools
that clutter your space. Use simple solutions to store them in groups.

Bookcases, shelves and other methods of vertical storage are the preference here. They keep your things out of the way without taking up too much space in the room itself. Built-in shelves or wall units, however, are not always the most cost-effective solution nor practical if you don’t have the room. For example, if you are creating a craft nook rather than a full-blown room.

Alternatively, you could opt for more creative storage options. Wicker baskets, kitchen utensil hangers (for cups, pans, etc.), storage attached to the back of a door, repurposed filing cabinets, and even small desk cupboards can be utilised effectively here. The limit to your storage options is only so far as your imagination can take you. And after all, why not have some fun crafting yourself some craft storage!

Choose Furniture Carefully

As with any room, your furniture choices in your craft room are incredibly important. The comfort factor is important in this scenario, especially as you will be likely spending a lot of time leaning over a desk and at an angle, etc. The fact is that if you are planning to spend an elongated period of time in your craft office, then you will find that good, quality, furniture is the best way to make it usable over such elongated periods.

A craft space corner at home
If you don't have a spare space to design the perfect craft room, use the
space you have available at home to create your hobbies and crafts corner.
(Image by Daria Shevtsova, via Pexels)

Specifically, this is about your table and chair. The area of your craft room that will see the most use and, in the case of your chair, will support you through hours of labour. Back support in these scenarios is incredibly important, as poor posture during crafts work is all too common. So, investing in a good chair can help support you in this. Most contemporary furniture options tend to be ergonomically designed, so this should help whilst making your choice.

Consider Lighting

Working in a darkened room is not good for anyone’s health. But, this is especially the case if you are straining to see what you are creating for hours at a time.

So, rather than dwindle away in your deep, dark, craft room make sure that it has plenty of light. Natural lighting is preferable. But, if your room doesn’t benefit from a good spot in the sun you may have to turn to lighting fixtures such as lamps or effective overhead lighting.

A desk work lamp which can be used to light up intricate craftwork is always a good option. Otherwise, consider overhead lighting which is bright but natural at the same time. Natural yellow light bulbs are best for this, as sharp white light can make your craft room feel more sterile and unfriendly. Ideally, your lighting should be as natural as possible when you have no choice but to choose artificial.

Man looking at a pinboard with a lot of notes
A humble pinboard can have a thousand uses, making it also perfect
to use for your crafts ideas, inspirations and notes.

Get a Pinboard

A pinboard or corkboard is a staple in classrooms up and down the country. And, in all honesty, it is a classic for a reason. It has so many uses which make it perfect for a craft space.

You can use your pinboard for a variety of uses; housing your to-do list, as a swatch collector, to pin important notes and even to hang little pieces of inspiration. It’s essential a good, physical, way to house a variety of ideas without cluttering up your vertical workspace. So, add it to your hobby craft room for a little more organisation!

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you want to create your craft room it is important to keep in mind what you need from the space. Storage, comfortable working environment and good lighting are of paramount importance. Once you have all three elements to your satisfaction, that is the point in which you can start decorating the space for fun, aesthetic, reasons.

So, first, sort the fundamentals of your room design and then let your inner craftsman wild!

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