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How to declutter your house
before moving?

Useful tips to help you clean the clutter from your home
before you move

Make your home like new before moving
With a decent effort and good preparation, your house can look like new.

Moving is generally a stressful affair. Add to it the challenge of packing and you’ve probably filled your stress quota for at least another year! Packing is the single most strenuous part of the moving process. After all, you need to pack up your entire life. But don’t fret too much, there are things you can do to simplify the packing process. That’s right – it’s time to declutter! It is vital that you declutter your house before moving. In fact, that is the most useful thing you can do to ease your move. So, here are some useful tips on how to declutter your house before moving.

Why should you declutter your house before moving?

Decluttering in general is quite beneficial in everyday life, as it can help increase efficiency and, actually, bring peace of mind and focus. However, there are many more reasons why you should declutter your house before moving. First of all, there are certainly things in your house that you haven’t even looked at, let alone used in a year or two, right? Well, those things are simply using up space. The same way they’re using space in your old home, they will be using space in your new home. You will feel less stressed in your new home if it’s devoid of clutter.

Woman sitting with hands on face
Avoid getting stressed over your house clutter; instead, get organized
and tackle it in a planned manner.

Also, remember, if you keep the things that you don’t use, you will later have to pack them. That is, you will have to spend time and energy packing them, pay more for their transport, unpack them and find a place for them in your own home (and then spend another year or two not using them).

If you have such things, it is best to get rid of them, as they are of no use to you. But, be careful, when we say things you don’t use, we truly mean only things that don’t hold personal value to you. For instance, that doesn’t apply to artwork that you love or mean that you should give up on the pin collection hobby that you hold dear. Of course, you’re not going to use such things too often. But, if you cherish them, then you should take them with you, naturally.

Take the necessary time

Decluttering is not something that you can do at the last minute. So, once you know your moving date, clear up your schedule and set a date for decluttering. It should be at least a month in advance and it will most likely take you more than a day, depending on the size of your house and the amount of clutter. But, when you’re done, you’ll be left with only the necessary things and you will make your packing process incredibly easier. And later, you can simply hire professionals and pack in no time!

Arm with a watch on it
Everything that needs doing takes time,
so put some time aside to clean up your home from the clutter.

To declutter your house before moving, make a list

Make a list of things you’re getting rid of. Now, there are two ways you can do that. You can make it beforehand, or you can add things to the list as you decide. The first option would include you knowing every little thing you have in the house, so it’s a bit unlikely. The second option seems more likely. Make a list as you go through rooms and decide whether to keep something or not. Afterwards, take a look at the list and reconsider it. Perhaps add something or remove something else from the list.

Your list should, in general, include the following:

  • Broken items, or items that are worn out past the point of use. 
  • Clothes that you will most likely not use again. 
  • Things you’ve forgotten about. 
  • Duplicate items in your household. 
  • Expired things, such as medicine or cosmetic products. 

Using the list, start decluttering

To declutter your house before moving, you need to be organized and efficient. With the list in hand, go through one room at a time and take the things you’ve written down. It’s best if you make two piles – one for the things you want to sell or donate, and one for the things that you need to throw away. Of course, if something is broken or too worn out, you should simply throw it away. When it comes to clothes, things are a bit trickier. Mostly, if you’re skillful, you can customize your clothes and “give them new life.” So think carefully whether you can reinvent your clothes, or if they are of no more use to you at all.

Decide what to sell and what to donate

Another perk of decluttering is that you can always find useful things that you can later profit from. You don’t have to simply throw away every excess thing to declutter your house before moving. There are things that others will find useful. And you have the added benefit of earning from it. Choose the things you think could be sold and organize a garage/yard sale. That way, not only will you be paying less for the move, but you will also earn some money, as well. You can also go on Facebook or Craigslist, or even eBay, and sell your items on those platforms.

Various items exhibited on a table for sale
No matter what your clutter might be, there's always a buyer for it,
who needs the exact items you no longer want.

When it comes to donating things, check to see whether your family members or friends want something from this pile. Perhaps you have a friend that always admired your dress or a cousin that always wanted the bluegrass guitar you play? See if they are interested in taking them off your hands. Also, there are plenty of charities that accept donations, so do research and get in touch with them. They will be more than glad to receive useful things that can help someone in need. If you don’t have a car, some chains, like Goodwill, can pick up your things if you can’t deliver them.

Now pack with ease!

Once you’ve gotten rid of all the things “weighing you down,” you’ll see how easier the packing process is! No clutter to get in the way and no clutter to stress you out. Packing will definitely be a piece of cake after decluttering.

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