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How to declutter
your hobbies and crafts room?

Organize your space and group the things
where you can easily find them

Hobbies have become a very important part of our lives. Nowadays when we live fast and our jobs and business pursuits take up a lot of our time, our leisure time appears to be an essential means of bringing some extra quiet, passion or joy into our lives. Whether we are loners who like making crafts on our own or we like spending time with other people enjoying the group dynamics and atmosphere, there is a wide range of activities out there to choose from. If you are one of those patient people who like learning, explore some interesting hobbies to pass the time and find something that suits you.

A woman in a light brown blouse sitting at the table painting surrounded by well-organized art supplies.
Declutter your hobby and crafts room to look inviting, inspire your creative
work and allow you to enjoy the process.

Hobbies and crafts - a lifestyle

Different people, different tastes and affinities. In case you are just about to take up a hobby, it is important to find a hobby that suits your personality, something that interests you and can fill up your free time and life with joy. Hobbies reflect your desires, talents, interests and are a valuable component of your lifestyle. Those who have already found themselves one know what a nice part of their lives it is.

Whether you are a hobby starter or the one who has been enjoying it for some time, one thing that is important is to have a hobby room or a special neat place to keep your hobbies and crafts staff, which can save you precious time looking for things when you need them most. It is easier when you organize your hobby and crafts space from scratch. Make some space, organize, group and place things the way you can easily find and use them.

Declutter your hobbies and crafts room

It may have happened a number of times that you just felt like doing your hobby or making some crafts when you realized you couldn't find what you needed. You keep on looking for things becoming aware of how much time you lose, which makes you nervous, and instead of filling up your leisure time with a stress-reducing hobby, your hobby suddenly turns into a stress generator. You certainly do not need that, so it might be high time you decluttered your hobbies and craft room - make the staff you need easily accessible in no time. General tips for this endeavor are to sort, then decide what to throw away, give away and organize.

An old-timer car in the center of a well-organized garage where everything sorted, organized and stored in boxes, put on the shelves or hooks.
If repairing old-timer cars is your hobby passion, tidy up your garage,
so that you can proudly display your beloved 4-wheeler.

Sort your hobbies and crafts stuff

Sorting is the step that will make a lot of work easier. Go through your stuff and put them into three categories - the stuff you need to throw away, the stuff you want to give away and finally the stuff you need and want to organize. Empty all the pieces of furniture in the room, turn out the boxes filled with all sorts of stored things and categorize. You will definitely sigh with relief at the sight of the pile of things you do like and need to organize.

Things to throw away

Throw away everything that you have piled up over time, things that are in a bad shape or the ones you are sure you won't need any time soon. Try not to be too sentimental when deciding what to throw, be realistic. Why keep, for example, a big bag of yarn or fabric pieces you haven't used for ages and which started to gain a strange smell? Declutter and throw away.

Things to give away

If you come across something that is still nice and usable but you don't need it, think of your friends and their hobbies and give such stuff away to them. You will be relieved and they will be grateful and happy.

Things to keep and organize

Store the things you would like to keep in old boxes and baskets of all sizes. If you can't find enough of them at home, you can prepare your items for storing in no time by purchasing packing supplies, neatly pack, label, and put them on a shelf.

Old radios neatly displayed on two light brown shelves
No matter what your hobby passion might be, including collecting unique
items, part of enjoyment is beng able to display it for others to see.

Choose your hobbies and crafts room

It is often the case that our basements are overcluttered with useless things, ones we think we could need and use one day but they end up occupying our space for far too long. One of the solutions is to declutter, organize and turn the basement space into your hobbies and crafts room. Try cleaning it and organizing shelves on which you can store the sorted and labeled things. The basement will get its new purpose and your life with your hobbies and crafts stress-free.

If you are among the lucky ones who have a nice attic, try using that space in the attic for organizing your hobbies and crafts room. The procedure is the same as with the basement - clean, put some shelves and order the labeled boxes or baskets. Finally, do not underestimate the garage. By installing appropriate shelves, your hobby-related things are stored, safe and right at hand.

Try using a piece of furniture

When you declutter your hobbies and crafts room, you might end up with a small range of things. Let's say, for example, you end up with only different paints and paintbrushes, or knitting needles and different types of yarn. They can be easily tucked away into drawers of a cabinet, organized by type of paints, different size brushes, different size needles or types/color of the yarn. Such a cabinet can be put in any of your rooms, adding to its aesthetic look and keeping your hobbies and crafts things just so easy to reach.

A light brown wooden cabinet with drawers with a white, red and green cups on top against the light blue background.
Your pre-loved furniture pieces, especially wooden cabinets and shelves,
can be used to aesthetically improve any room in your house.

Declutter and enjoy your hobby

It's a wonderful feeling to work in a clean, well-organized space with all the things you need are easy to find or reach. Don't get pangs of conscience for letting go of things you don't really need. If you still have some things that you want to keep but there isn't enough space in your home, you can always use a storage unit for everything you won't be needing.

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