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Home decor mistakes to avoid in your new home

Develop your home decor ideas first,
then go shopping and decorating.

A bright living room
Your living room is where you will spend most of your time at home,
so make sure it's bright, airy and comfortable for the whole family.

It happens to all of us. You're shopping, and you see something that you think will look perfect in one of your rooms. Of course, you buy it immediately and bring it home. However, when you get there, you realize that it looks hideous rather than perfect. Now you're all alone with thoughts about what you were thinking and what you did wrong. We wanted to help you and to ensure this never happens again. So, we decided to write a list of home decor mistakes to avoid in your new home.

The thing is that interior design is a bit more than we all think. It requires a very keen and knowledgeable eye. In other words, you need to know what you're doing to do it well. If something looks good in the store, it doesn't mean that it will look great on your shelf.

You need to take into consideration colors, lighting, room size, scale, and placement. All of these things affect if something will make or break a room design. And if you spend enough time learning about it, interior design can become a hobby you can make money from.

However, a good place to start is minimizing the number of mistakes you make. So, here's what to pay attention to.

Perfectly arranged living room.
Carefully arranged furniture pieces and appropriate decor
will make your rooms looks great and welcoming.


As professionals say, when you enter a room, you should feel like you're looking at a cityscape. A combination of different heights of items must exist if you want everything to look like a professional did it. And to achieve this, you need to know a thing or two about scale and proportion in design.

Although this is a well-known fact, messing up the scale is the most common mistake people make. Of course, it's not easy to decorate a room with an impeccable scale. It takes a lot of experience and a bit of talent.

However, there are some general guidelines you can follow. Firstly, don't put too many small things in a room. This will make it look cluttered and overwhelming. But, you must also be careful with big items. Too many of them will make the room feel stuffed and small.

So, the keyword here is balance. If you have a lot of small items, think about rearranging them around the house. On the other hand, if you have lots of bulky things, it may be a good idea to lose a piece or two. This will make it easier for you to decorate, and it'll also be easier to relocate in an efficient and quick way because you will have fewer massive pieces to load, unload, and drag around the new house.

Budget before you buy

We have already established that everyone is prone to impulse buys. And we're not saying that you should never buy something you immediately fell in love with. However, you should keep receipts just in case. If something doesn't work as you thought, you can return it.

So, before you head out to the furniture showroom, make a plan and determine a budget. Always measure the rooms beforehand. This way, you can be sure about the size of the furniture you need. Not doing this certainly is one of the home decor mistakes to avoid in your new home.

There are plenty of good online room arrangement tools. So, check some of those out to find the arrangement you like. When you enter a store with a plan in place, it's much harder to make a mistake.

If you're good with tools, remember that furniture is one of the five amazing things you can make out of wood. There's nothing nicer than building a coffee table that fits into your living room perfectly by yourself. It's a special feeling. So, don’t shy away from DIY projects. They can add character to the space and it’s a quality way to spend your free time.

Two men discussing home decor mistakes to avoid in your new home.
Before you buy anything, make sure to determine the budget
and know what you want to achieve with your floor plan.

Think about the arrangement of accessories and collections

Many of us are collectors. There are numerous stories of people staring with one little ceramic figurine, and then they get to the point where they have them in all shapes, sizes, and colors. And if you have a collection, you need to find a way to display it properly.

The worst thing you can do here is to scatter different pieces of it throughout your home. You don't need your figurines above the fireplace and on the coffee table on the porch. If you went through the whole hustle of collecting them, people should be able to enjoy them as you are. So, the best idea is to display them in arrangements and groupings.

Additionally, if you're planning to relocate to a new home, it could be wise to dedicate one room just to the collection. That is if it's big enough, of course. Just make sure you don't let your breakables get damaged in transit, and you and your family will enjoy them for many years to come.

Hanging art

It's not a secret that you can turn pretty much any wall in your house into your own personal gallery. And our opinion is that everyone should do this. Whether you have a rare oil painting or a couple of cherished drawings that your kids made, you should display them.

However, even people that have been into art collectibles hobby for years have trouble correctly hanging paintings. To avoid any mistakes, trace and cut out the outlines of frames on paper. Then, you can tape the outlines onto your wall. Try as many combinations as you can until you find the perfect one.

You should have fun doing this. Don't be afraid to play with sizes, colors, and textures. However, make sure not to forget about the number one mistake people make - scale.

Paintings on a wall, with decor table and large vase with flowers as centerpiece
One of the home decor mistakes that you want to avoid is not having any
art on walls. Compliment them with appropriate centerpieces.

Add character

Although rummaging through showrooms full of shiny new furnishings is fun, try not to get everything in one place. If everything you buy matches everything else, you'll end up with a home that has no character.

Know that this is a process that takes time. It may even take years to finish designing all the rooms in your house. And rushing to finish everything as soon as possible is one of the home decor mistakes to avoid in your new home.

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