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Best DIY Clothes Storage Ideas
for the Children's Room

How to organize your children's clothing

Kids clothes making clutter
Try to find an easy and less costly approach to sorting out clothing clutter
in your kids' room, by implementing some DIY, less costly solutions.

Storage space is almost always an issue, especially in houses with children. Walk-ins are great for bedrooms, but for a room where your children spend most of their time, you need something more interesting and just as practical as a walk-in closet. We admit that picking furniture is neither an easy task nor a cheap one, so we present you with some of the best DIY clothes storage ideas for the children's room.

What are the benefits of DIY solutions in your home?

We all know that custom-made furniture pieces usually cost an arm and a leg, but that is only if you want them to be made by somebody else. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and express your creativity, you might save yourself a ton of money. The bonus is that you will get something unique, and if you include your family in the process, the result will be priceless since you will be spending some family time together creating something that will last.

A large playroom
Children need as much space as they can get in their home space,
and your storage solutions need to be practical, with kids in mind.

A seating bench can be practical for storing clothes too

Seating benches are great for playrooms and children's rooms in general. They are also easy to make by yourself out of wood, and you can place them underneath the window or in a free corner of the room. Make your seating bench by assembling wooden cubbies with or without doors, and finish it by adding some sort of a cushion on top.

A bookshelf can become a wardrobe

Do you have a bookshelf you thought you didn't need anymore? Give it a new life by transferring it to your children's room and using it to store their clothing items. Mind you; it needs to be safe and anchored before you start using it as storage. You can either remove the inner shelves or leave them where they are if you are OK with the space organization it offers.

You can also remove some of the shelves and replace them with the clothes rod. This is great for storing your kid's outfits displayed just like they do in those fancy boutiques. If you have a baby, you know how difficult those tiny items are for folding and stacking. Making a neat pile of nicely folded baby onesies is almost impossible.

Since onesies are the most practical garments, you can keep them at hand by hanging them on a rod installed inside the piece of furniture that used to be a bookshelf.

Make your own bedside organizer

All you need for making this practical organizer is a piece of fabric, a non-skid pad, and your imagination. Customize the pockets to hold your kids' clothing accessories, warm socks, or their favorite small toys at hand. It should be slipped in between the frame of the bed and the mattress. There you go - you've got yourself one of the DIY clothes storage ideas that can eliminate clutter near the bed.

Build a dresser by using laundry baskets

These baskets are inexpensive, and you can get them in pretty much any color to match the palette in your children's room. You will need to build a frame you will attach the sliders to before fitting the baskets inside. They will instantly become drawers that can store pretty much anything from clothing pieces to toys and art supplies.

If you use them for clothes, we suggest that you assign one basket for every day in the week and prepare your kids' outfits in advance. That will make your busy mornings so much easier. If they have some matching sets you like them wearing at the same time, this is the perfect place to hold them. For instance, cute outfits for dads and their youngsters are always at hand when you keep them in the same drawer (whether improvised or not).

Kid playing surrounded by clothes scattered everywhere
Get your child involved in turning your DIY clothes storage ideas into reality;
they will be more eager to keep their room tidy.

You can use a ladder rack for clothes

You have probably noticed that ladder racks are all the craze at the moment. Ladders are very cheap, so there is no reason for you not to try to make a rack by yourself and make this a fun home DIY project. You can use each step to hang your baby's or even your toddler's clothes for easy access. Once you paint the ladder and decorate it the way you want to, don't forget to secure it to the wall. If you choose to lay the ladder horizontally and mount it to the wall like that, you will even get a place to keep some lightweight items on top.

Find a cool place to install a rail

Again, rods and rails are most practical for hanging tiny clothes. Since those pieces are usually light, you can even hang them on a rail mounted to the open shelf in your children's room. For instance, you can use a shelf to store hats, glasses, belts, and other accessories while you hang the most beautiful clothes underneath.

A clothing rack holding baby PJs and onesies
Rails are great for children clothes that have been ironed,
allowing you make the most of the available space.

Turn a boring clothes rack into a tent

Wire racks can hold a lot of clothes, but they do not look very attractive. The great thing about them is that they are affordable, and we know how to make them look adorable. This can be a fun project to do with children. You will need a larger piece of fabric that can be turned into a tent, which will cover the entire rack making a fantastic piece of furniture in your children's room. Add touch fasteners so that your new wardrobe can remain open when you need it to, and add a few pockets to store accessories on the outer side of the tent. Your kids will be proud of what they have made with you!

Make a clothesline of beads

This is an excellent idea for a children's room lacking storage space - the floor space won't get occupied, yet the clothes will be taken care of and well displayed. A clothesline made of wooden beads prevents hangers from slipping, which is important since the ends of the lines are secured to the ceiling or even walls, and the hangers naturally tend to group around the middle of a line. You can color the beads any way you want, or you can even use old wooden blocks instead (you will have to make a hole in the middle so that you can string them).

We hope you will try out some of the DIY clothes storage ideas we have suggested in this article. Enjoy turning your ideas into reality with your family!

Photos used: by Unsplash and Pexels

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