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Start Singing As A Great New Hobby

7 helpful tips for beginner singers

Singing can be a great way to do what you love for a living. If you love music, singing, and performing this could be the perfect career for you! There’s no guarantee you’ll get a recording contract, but you can still perform and do gigs for fun. You can even just impress people with your skills when you spot a karaoke machine!

In any case, this could be one of great new hobby ideas for you. Here are some simple tips for beginners to help you:

A young woman singing, with musical notes in the air
Singing karaoke is a great way for novice singers to test their skills
in front of an audience.
(Image by Pixabay.com)

Don’t Sing Through Your Nose

Something many novice singers do is sing through their nose. It’s very easy to do, but you definitely don’t want your voice to come out sounding nasally and forced. It needs to come right from your diaphragm. To make sure you’re not singing through your nose, place a finger on it when you sing. It shouldn’t vibrating. If it is, you’re probably singing through it. Your diaphragm is where all of the power should come from!

Concentrate on Your Posture

A good posture is absolutely essential when you want your voice to sound amazing. Standing is best, with your chest out and shoulders back. This allows you to use your vocal chords in the most effective way.

Control Your Breathing

A microphone
Constant practice of your new found singing hobby will improve your novice skills and help you sound better and more confident. (Image: Flickr.com)

Singing well is all about having control. You need to be able to control your voice, and a huge part of this is being able to control your breathing.

Practice some breathing techniques as often as you can and you should find that your voice sounds so much better!

Learn to relaxy and enjoy your singing voice.

Really Listen to What You’re Singing

Instead of being ‘tone deaf’ and not paying attention to what you’re actually singing, really listen. Listen to yourself sing with a critical ear. Record yourself if it helps! Are you singing the right notes? How can you improve?


Practice will help you to become a better singer. Practice using different techniques, and sing every day to perfect your voice. Just like practicing using an instrument, practicing using your voice will seriously help you to improve. Sing your favourite songs and practice that way so you don’t get bored.

Take a Class

If you’re serious about perfecting your voice, take a class and see how you get on. Even having just a couple of one to one sessions can help you. There are even singing lessons for beginners online, so you won’t need to leave the comfort of your own home!

Woman singer performing in public
Keeping a good posture is an important learning aspect of singing skill
for beginner singers, which comes naturally to those with experience.
(Image by Pixabay.com)

Watch YouTube Videos

If you want a great way to perfect your voice without paying a penny, there are tutorials and tips for beginners on YouTube. One to one training is very effective, but you might be better off trying something like this first to see how you get on.

Start off by using these simple singing techniques and you should notice yourself improve quite quickly. You can then consider taking a class or moving on to more complicated techniques. Eventually, with lots of practice, anybody could become a great singer! The voice is like an instrument. Some are born with it tuned in naturally, others need to learn. Good luck!

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