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Awesome Outdoor Hobbies
for Adventurous People

Test your adventure limits with these great outdoor activities

With spring in full bloom and summer just around the corner, many people are looking at getting outside and soaking up the gorgeous warm breeze and air. But, for many people, relaxing in the garden is not enough. They want to get outside and do something new. Finding outdoor hobbies is not difficult. It all depends on what you want to do. Bird watching and nature walks are perfect for those that like a sedate way of life. But, if you are more of an adventurous person, getting into the grand outdoors means testing your limits.

For many, finding the perfect hobby can be difficult. Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. There are some awesome hobbies, for adventurous people, that you are sure to love.

Let’s take a look.

1. Gliding Lessons

If you have always dreamed of flying, gliding could be the closest that you will get to this. Gliding is a great way to get outside and see more of the world, from an aerial view. If you have a head for heights, this is something that you are sure to love. Of course, you cannot just start gliding. You have to ensure that you undertake the relevant lessons with an instructor. Gliding is becoming more and more popular. The gentle breeze of the summer and spring months make it the perfect time to learn, in a safe environment.

Paragliding on the sea
If you love flying, paragliding is the next best thing to enjoy great outdoors
from an aerial point of view.
(Image source: Peddhapati via flickr.com)

2. Go Karting

Go karting is a must for those who want to try out a safe sport. It’s a controlled way of fulfilling your need for speed. According to the experts at the Eden Leisure Village, go karting is becoming more popular with adults and older people. The outdoors nature of the sport is perfect for those that want to try something a little different. Heading on to the race track is the perfect way to whittle away the hours with your closest friends.

3. Base Jumping

Base jumping is not for everyone. But, if you are out and about in Wales and you want to try something new, base jumping could be just the thing for you. If you have not heard of base jumping before, it’s where people leap from mountains, using just a parachute to get them back safely to earth. It can be a little dangerous. But, if you want a hobby with an exhilarating difference, this could be the one for you.

4. Caving

Caving or cave exploring is a great way to explore the deepest, darkest depths of your hometown. Caving is not considered an extreme sport, as there are safety measures in place. Swimming through caves and exploring, in the dark, is part and parcel of the caving experience. Caving exploration can be a little risky, not to say scary, but it’s perfect for those that love the thrill of adrenaline!

Man riding a mountain bike in the mountains
Mountain biking hobby is an excellent way to build your fitness
and enjoy sightseeing in nature.
(Image source: Trailsource.com via flickr.com)

5. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking has long been a popular pastime. Not only is it a fantastic hobby, but it’s the ultimate way to get fit. Mountain biking can be done at a slow and steady pace, or more quickly. Whatever your ability, mountain biking is fun and easy to do. Simply head to your favourite peaks and soak up the scenery around you.

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