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Awesome Hobbies
To Nurture Your Creativity

Five hobbies that will allow you to hone your creative abilities

If you have had a lot of spare time lately, you might be thinking about taking up a hobby. Why not pick one that will nurture your creative side. If you do, we have got some awesome activities.

Don't worry about cost either because these hobbies won't be expensive at all. In fact, some of them you can get into completely for free.


Two hands sculpting clay
Sometime you have to dirty your hands to create something beautiful,
using clay
to sculpture pottery pieces or figurines.  (Photo by Pixabay.com)

We all remember that one scene from Ghost don't we? Well, now you can live it for yourself by sculpting your own clay pottery. Okay, you won't have a young Patrick Swayze sitting behind you. But, you can wear the shirt and create a lovely piece of pottery using your own two hands. You'll need to buy the materials though like polymer clay supplies. But you can find these quite cheaply online and start making your own pots and dishes today. Or, you could sign up for a clay pottery class and make some new friends. We are sure there is one running in your area.

Creative Writing

Sometimes, it's good to get your thoughts on paper, or a computer screen. This is typically what most bloggers are doing. Most blog owners aren't writing for profit. They are writing so that they can deal with experiences in their life by getting new perspectives. You can do this as well, or start writing your own autobiography. We are not suggesting your life is interesting enough to become a bestseller, but you never know. After all, plenty of people bought Katie Price's life story. You won't know how honed your skills are at creative writing until you give it a try.


This can be a great way to make a Christmas gift, like a jumper, blanket or lovely scarf. If you can learn the skill, you can make some rather unique Christmas presents that will be popular with everyone. You'll probably find your mom or gran already has this skill down, so you can learn from them. It can be a nice way to bond with the older generation.

Two hands knitting in blue
If a clean and easy hobby has more appeal for you, then knitting could be
a great way
to make a jumper, thick socks, or other.  (Photo by Pixabay.com)

Napkin Origami

If you are looking to impress some guests, learning this skill should be at the top of your to-do list. Napkin Origami is exactly the same as paper origami except that you use table napkins to create the figurines. These will make your dining table look stunning and it’s sure to be a conversation starter. The best part is there are plenty of sites you can use to learn this skill online. It won't take up much of your time and when have it down, your dinner parties are going to be the talk of the neighbourhood.


Speaking of dinner parties, we should probably mention improving your cooking skills. We're not just talking about learning to use a recipe. Instead, we mean creating your own recipes and experimenting with making wonderful meals for the whole family. Once you get started, you'll be surprised by the delicious concoctions you create. Just try out plenty of different tastes and flavours together.

That's our list of some awesome creative hobbies that you can take up this year. Which one will you try?

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