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Hobbies To Pass The Time With

Five hobby ideas to pass the time, where patience is the key

Most hobbies are given up on not long after they are started, mostly people because people today have immediacy issues. We can probably thank the rising popularity of things like next day delivery for that. Once we realise that we can’t expect immediate results from everything that we do, the hobbies that we choose can become much more enjoyable.

Here are some of our favourite long term hobbies, where patience is most certainly a virtue.

Learning a new language

Whatever your initial motivation whether it be for a new job, a holiday or just for the fun of it learning a new language takes time but it is very rewarding.

If the simple act of it wasn’t enough consider the fact that it can boost overall brain power and stall the onset of dementia. That isn’t the end of if it though, as multitasking skills are also greatly improved.

Old-time mechanical Underwood typewriter
If you happen to have an old typewriter sitting around,
you should consider writing as your hobby to pass the time.
 (Image: Flickr)


Us humans have beens scribbling since, well, the dawn of man. Cave paintings may not be writing as we see it, but they were created to tell a story and convey ideas which is the same thing. Ancient Egyptians used Hieroglyphs - are you going to tell them they couldn’t write?

Whatever you wish to write, it all counts. Diaries, short stories, novels… For many people the act of writing is therapeutic as well as being a way to pass the time - not to mention potentially make some money.

Learn to play a musical instrument

Like writing, music has been as much a part of human evolution as the opposable thumb. It has been bringing people together for thousands of years, and continues to make people happy the world over.

Learning a musical instrument, can be a lot of fun, too and you can learn how to play acoustic guitar with guitar tricks to make it even more tactile and engaging.

There are also other musical instruments for your to conider learning to play.

Urban exploration

Fancy the idea of being the Lara Croft of your city? Provided that you have the correct safety gear and you make sure that you are not trespassing or breaking any other local laws, urban exploration can masses of fun.

Try exploring your city in a way that you never have before - its tunnels, hidden areas and bridges can be exhilarating. This one isn’t exactly patience testing, but it does require a special kind of dedication.

A small green plant with some soil on a palm of hand
If 'green finger' is your forte and you have time to spare, guerilla gardening
could become an extreme hobby for you. 
(Image by Freeimages.com)

Become a Guerrilla gardener

The fruits of your labour will take some time to become apparent, but it is well worth it. If you never thought gardening could be an extreme sport… You are right but it is still an enormous amount of fun.

What happens, is that you plant fruit and vegetables in public spaces - effectively turning the unused parts of your community into a larder that anybody can make use of. This is best done at night and in total secrecy. You won’t get into trouble, but people it will become a local gossip point for years to come. Hopefully, it can encourage others to do the same.

You see, long term hobbies don’t have to be boring and they can even be very tasty!

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