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Five Musical Instruments
You'll Wish You Had Lessons For

Choosing a musical instrument to play

As musicians, most of us were lucky enough to be born with a good voice and a sense of rhythm. But there are a lot of us who never got lucky enough to have formal music lessons on an instrument. We might have picked up a few tricks on the guitar or a couple of chords on the keyboard, but we still want more. In our digital age, we don’t need real instruments to make music. But have you ever wanted to perform on stage?

Learning a musical instrument takes most people years to do. But if you’ve already started your way as a musician and artist, you understand the fundamental basics. Understanding the instrument takes a little time and a modicum of practice. Here are some of the instruments you might be brilliant at with a little formal education:


The keyboard is a digital copy of the piano. The piano itself comes in several different forms, and they’re all heavy! Baby grands are the most popular shape and style of the instrument. You can find a good beginner upright at the Markson piano shop that won’t take up much space in your home. These are beautiful instruments that many people buy as additions to their furniture collection. But wouldn’t it be great to be able to play something awesome like Alicia Keys?

Piano musical instrument
Piano is a musical instrument that's played using a keyboard,
which has 88 keys - 52 white and 36 black keys. (Image from Flickr.com)


Many guitarists are self-taught. They can work their way around a few chords and a little bit of strumming. But did you know you can master complex melody lines as well as providing a rhythmic contribution to your work? Many classical guitarists are taught this skill from their first lesson. There are so many genres of music that the guitar is suited to as well. Plug it in or enjoy an intimate session on the acoustic.

An acoustic guitar
Guitar is one of the world's most popular and best recognized string
instruments, that's played in many genres of music. (Image from Flickr.com)


As the staple of much jazz music, the saxophone looks good and sounds incredible. It is a reed woodwind instrument. This means it takes a little bit of work to get the tone to come out right. They come in several sizes as well, but most people stick to just one. If you’ve ever played clarinet, you’re not likely to encounter too many problems getting started with a saxophone. This is one of the best instruments to learn to improvise music on too.

Musical instrument saxophone
Even though saxophones are often made from brass, they belong to
woodwind instruments, for the way they're played. (Image from Flickr.com)


Don’t you just love those big ballads that draw on the orchestral strings to highlight the passion? String instruments like the cello have been around for hundreds of years because of their power to bring emotion into a song. If you write lyrics about heartache or romance, why not have a go at learning the cello. This provides a deeper, bluer tone than the higher pitched violin. It is also much easier to handle. You might see them played by internationally popular 2Cellos, the Croatian cello male duo.

Man playing a cello musical instrument
Although usually orchestral instrument, lately cello has also been a popular
musical instrument with individual performers. (Image from Flickr.com)


Most of us have had a go at creating our percussion tracks using the keyboard or a mini drum machine. But have you ever tried the real thing? It can be a helluva workout! Your neighbours might not always thank you though.

Musical instruments drums
They may not be everybody's favourite instrument, but drums are important musical instruments played in music bands and orchestras. (Image: Flickr.com)

The best thing about understanding how to play an instrument is being able to create more realistic instrument tracks in your music. MIDI just doesn’t always pick up the little nuances of the real thing. Give your audience the wow factor by playing an instrument at your next gig.

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