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Basement Remodeling Ideas

Use the basement space to create more rooms

No matter how much space you have at your disposal, chances are you could always use some more. If you’d like to get some work done around the house, you might want to consider these basement remodeling ideas. Some people want to remodel their basement so they can turn it into another room.

You could go for something like a movie room or a safe space inside the house for your teenagers. Others still need this space for storage but would like to redo it and organize their belongings better. Regardless of what you decide to do, these basement remodeling ideas are sure to inspire you to work on your space.

A cluttered basement full of old furniture
Your cluttered old basement is sometime a waste of space, even if it stores
unwanted stuff - it's time to make a better use of it and remodel it.

Where do I go with all my stuff?

Even if you are building your basement to use it for storage, you still need somewhere to go with all of your things during remodeling. Same goes for those people that want to use their basement for other purposes. No matter your situation, you can find cheap storage solution near you.

Your belongings will be safe and you’ll be able to focus your energy on coming up with different basement remodeling ideas. Before you take your things to the storage unit, make sure you’ve gone through it all and thrown away everything you no longer need. Moving back in will be easier once you’ve decluttered.

Basement remodeling ideas – rooms

These ideas will depend on your needs as well as the space that is available. You can add a room to your household by using one of these basement remodeling ideas. An appropriated basement actually adds lots of value to your property. So not only will you have an additional room for use, but this remodeling might pay off in a major way at some point in the future.

Office space

Turning a basement into office space is among the more common appropriations of this storage space. If you’re working from home, you may have noticed that your focus is much better when you’re working in an area that’s designated for just that. You could create an alcove with built-in shelves. You could still use this for storage but your things would stay separate in their own area. Another good idea for an office is a desk with wheels. This would facilitate moving it around when necessary.

Home theater or a hangout spot for teens

The title may sound fancier than what it could actually be. Painting the walls, installing some carpeting, adding some soft lighting and a comfy sofa in front of a large TV will turn your smelly basement into a fun space for entertaining. It can be used for more than watching movies. If you added some board games or even a darts board, you could turn it into a den where your children could host their friends. They’ll have their desired privacy while still staying within your domain. This kind of space can be used as a second living room where you could spend time with your family doing crafts and DIY projects.

A guest room

One of the most popular basement remodeling ideas for people with plenty of space is a guest room. Even if your basement is not so roomy, you could have an alcove made with a built-in bed or beds. You could use the rest of the space to set up a little seating area or provide a wardrobe for your guests.

A basement bedroom.
Having a guest room in your basement can be very useful for your visitors,
as well as add more value and comfort to your home.

A small apartment

When space allows, people often go the extra mile and remodel their basement into a small apartment for their guests. You can even rent this space out if necessary. Of course, this would require advanced work, like installing a kitchenette and adding a bathroom. However, this is one of those investments that can really pay off in the long run.

A brewery, bar or a wine cellar

Depending on your interests and how you like to spend your time, you could choose one of these ideas. A bar would require many of the similar things you would add if you were making another living room-like space. However, you would also need to build a bar and set it up in a way that you could use it for entertaining. If you’d like to get into brewery, your basement is the perfect place to have your little setup. You could also still use it for storage while dedicating one corner of it to this new adult hobby. A wine cellar also doesn’t require a lot of polishing, but you would need to install some equipment necessary for wine keeping.

A close up of rows or bottles in a wine cellar.
Depending on your requirements and basement temperature, one of
good basement remodeling ideas would be to turn it into a wine cellar.


One of the more popular basement remodeling ideas is turning this space into a gym. It’s out of the way, so you wouldn’t be falling over your equipment all over your house or yard. Much like all of these adaptations, it would require you to work on the walls and the floor. You could even install different material to cover the floor in different parts of it, to fit the equipment and the activities.

Laundry room

Lots of people already use their basements for laundry. However, you could easily turn it into a more pleasant space to spend time in. One of the things you could do is install some cabinets where you could keep the linens. Investing in a new washer and dryer could be a good idea. It would make your basement the one-stop-shop for all of your family’s laundry needs. There would probably be space for ironing as well as keeping the washing products in the cupboards.

A drawing of a laundry room with a washer, washing products, laundry basket with laundry and an ironing board.
Perhaps one of the most practical basement remodeling ideas would be
to convert your basement space into a laundry room.

Basement remodeling ideas and tips

The previous paragraphs cover a lot of ground already, but here are some more general basement remodeling ideas. Try to use soft lighting and soft but bright color palettes in order to bring out the brightness in the room. Stairs are often a problem for people as they often wonder what to do with them. Experts suggest using open stairs if you can as they can serve as a room divider if they’re in the right place. If they are against a wall, you could use the space below them to make a cabinet or shelves. Experts also suggest using drop ceilings in your basement space so you could easily hide all of the piping and installations. Finally, let your creative juices flow when it comes to walls and floors. Think not only color but also texture.

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