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Awesome Hobbies
That Will Wow Your Friends

Five unusual hobbies that you can pursue for life

We all need a hobby in life. Something that keeps us busy and allows us explore our passions. It’s something you can look forward to after a long day at work or entertain you in quiet moments. Choosing the right hobby is all about picking something you love. For example, if you’re obsessed with the great outdoors, choose hiking or mountain climbing. In this post, we’re looking at the hobbies that will wow your friends.

These hobbies will keep you entertained, and each has a long learning curve. But, when you master them, you’ll be able to show off to your friends and wow them with your new skills! Not only that, but you’ll have accomplished something incredible and started a journey. Each of these hobbies are things that you can keep improving. These are not hobbies to pass time, but hobbies for life.

Man playing an acoustic guitar
Playing musical instruments is certain to impress your friends,
even though it takes time and effort to learn it.  (Image by Flickr)

Learn a musical instrument

Everyone wants to be in the band! Unfortunately, only a few people have what it takes to learn a musical instrument well. It takes time, discipline and lots of practice. The trick is to pick something you love. If you’re into guitar music, then pick up the bass or electric guitar. The piano is slightly easier to learn in the early days, so perhaps that’s your best option. Whatever you choose, you’re bound to wow your friends when you get on stage and play!

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Juggling is just one of many circus tricks that are devilishly difficult to master. However, once you nail that first 3-ball juggle, the sky’s the limit. You’ll spend a fair amount of time dropping balls and getting frustrated. But, eventually, you’ll perfect the technique, and you’ll become a juggler! From there you can add more balls, different objects, and even fire sticks.


We all have a small obsession with magic. Whether it’s the magic shows on TV or seeing it in real life, we love the thrill of it! A good magician can make people truly believe in the power of magic. Start your hobby with a few essentials from http://www.magicnevin.com/, and then learn a couple of tricks. Your friends will be amazed as you show them incredible illusions!

A woman gymnast doing a leg stand
For younger hobby enthusiasts, doing gymnastics is a great hobby to stay fit
and healthy, and your friends will be impressed, too! (Image: Freeimages.com)


We’re always jealous of people that can do a handstand or the splits. Take up gymnastics and you can show off to all your friends with your awesome skills. You’ll slowly perfect acrobatic jumps and backflips. It’s great exercise too, and you’ll improve flexibility and core strength.

New language

Opening your mouth and spouting a new language will leave your friends in awe. If you’re planning a holiday next year, take some time to learn the language. It’s often easier than you think, and it opens up so many pathways to you. You could choose the romantic language of French or try something different like Japanese.

Whichever one of these hobbies you choose, you’ll leave your friends breathless. You’ll wow them with your new talent and skills! Which one would you pick?

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