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1 800 flowers has come to the rescue to save me from the inevitable annual forget Grandma’s birthday event. For some reason, I can’t seem to remember my grandmother’s birthday. Has that ever happened to you?


I know that my grandmother was born on January 30th and I even have it written on my calendar. It really isn’t even necessary for me to have it written. I do have it in my head, but her birthday seems to fall right at the time that I am just unwinding from the holiday season and the next thing I know, it’s February.

Flowers gift basket
Whether it's birthday or other celebrations, flower baskets make perfect gifts  
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Flowers Gift Baskets

For some reason, I find myself in the middle of January panicked that I have nothing to give my Grandmother for her birthday. She lives in another state, so I have to make sure that I choose a gift that will reach her in time.

Most of the items I come across take four to six weeks for delivery and it is just impossible for me to order a gift for my Grandmother that far in advance. 1 800 flowers offers a huge selection of gift baskets and flower arrangements that will reach her home in plenty of time for her birthday.

Bouquet of flowers
Sending flowers these days to anywhere in the world is as close as your smartphone or internet

There are places that offer express shipping, but I find that I wind up paying way too much in shipping costs.

1 800 flowers provides a great selection of thoughtful gifts without the long wait for low-cost shipping and without the high cost of express shipping.

I also like that 1 800 flowers keeps their prices very reasonable, so I know that I will find a quality gift for my Grandmother at a great price.

Shop Online

You may think that you have to call to order a gift from 1 800 flowers, and this is an option, but they have an excellent website and you can shop online for the perfect gift. It is nice to be able to see the actual arrangement.

However, if you have something in mind, you can just call 1 800 flowers and place your order. I personally prefer to use the website so I can see what I am buying.

U Promise

Another thing that I love about 1 800 flowers is that it is affiliated with U Promise. Each item I buy from 1 800 flowers earns money towards my daughter’s education. It may be a lucky accident that I can’t seem to remember my Grandmother’s birthday. I do think about trying something different, but she is always so pleased with the gift baskets and flower arrangements that I find at 1 800 flowers and I get to put a little money aside for my daughter’s education. I guess that my forgetfulness has led to a new family tradition.

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