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A Guide To Starting Your Own
Model Aircraft Collection

Turn your fascination with model airplanes into a hobby

Are you an aviation enthusiast? Have you always had a fascination with model aircrafts? Are you thinking about becoming a collector? Then make sure to have a read of this.

Anyone can be a model aircraft collector. If you have a passion for aviation and aircrafts and flight, then being a model aircraft collector is the perfect hobby for you.

Collecting model aircrafts is a fun and affordable hobby. Plus, it is super easy to get started; all you need is your first aircraft model.

Model aircraft on stand
Model airplane of Fokker F28-4000 passenger jet -
your first aircraft model is all you need to start your aicraft collecting hobby.

Photo: wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons)

Starting Your Model Aircraft Collection

Before you start collecting, make sure to keep reading below, for our guide to starting your own model aircraft collection.

1. What is the history behind model aircraft collecting?

Before you get started building up your own collection of model aircrafts, it is a good idea to do some research on the history of the hobby.

Did you know that model aircraft collecting dates back to the 1930s? Over the years, there have been various types and styles of aircraft models available. These include models made from wood, metal, and plastic, as well as diecast aircraft models.

Most of the airplanes in the world have models created for them. This used to be for publicity purposes, but today, it is more aimed at collectors.

2. What makes aircraft collecting an interesting hobby?

For many aviation enthusiasts, the pull of collecting model aircrafts comes from the models that are available from different eras and places.

For model aircraft collectors, these models highlight fascinating moments in history, as well as, the advancement of aviation over the years.

3. What should you look out for when model airplane shopping?

The first thing to know about model aircraft shopping is that it is crucial that you know what materials each model is made from.

Most airplane models tend to be made of wood, which can mean many things. High-quality models tend to be hand-carved from mahogany or another hard wood, and then carefully painted and decorated to resemble the plane the model is based on. Whereas other models are made in different ways, such as models that only have wooden frames and a canvas top.

Playing with a working model airplane
Unlike collectible model aircrafts, a collector and hobbist can also
satisfy one's hobby urges by using working model airplanes that can fly.

Some models are made of plastic, which means that they are lower maintenance and require less care. Plastic models often have the best detail on them, making them fantastic for collectors. However, it is important to keep them out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

4. Choosing the right model aircraft

Each aircraft model will have special significance in aviation history. Before buying, it is important to find out about this and do some research on plane makes and models.

Whether you stumble across a model of a world war two plane or a more modern civilian or military airplane model, it helps if you know a bit about the aircraft the model resembles. This way, you can make sure that you are purchasing an authentic replica.

If you have certain areas where you will display your aircraft, it is a good idea to take the measurements with you, so that you can ensure the model will fit.

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