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5 Outdoor Activities to Do in New Jersey

Where to enjoy outdoor activities in New Jersey

A blossoming tree next to the water in a part in NJ.
Outdoor activities to do in New Jersey are especially great
during the springtime, when outside temperature raises,
drawing people out for their walks and other activities.

Many prefer the outdoors instead of being cooped up inside. However, being outside is not always enough. What you need is an interesting and fun outdoor activity to bring some excitement and entertainment to your everyday life. New Jersey is the perfect place for all that love the outdoors and fun outside activities. So, attention all nature admirers, it is time to explore everything that New Jersey has to bring to the table. Here are some of the most interesting outdoor activities to do in the Garden State.

New Jersey can offer countless interesting indoor and outdoor activities

Before we dive dipper into outdoor activities to do in New Jersey, we must give this great state even more credit. We will be focusing on the outdoors, but NJ has something for everybody. In case the weather is not the most pleasant or you simply prefer being inside, you will still have lots to do. Many museums, sports teams, restaurants, and other institutions call New Jersey their home. You can move anywhere in New Jersey and be certain that your free days will be filled with a lot of fun things. Now it is time to discover outdoor activities that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Black Knight Bowbenders, Jackson

It is time to ditch movies and pizza time and experience something unusual and outdoorsy. This spectacular and unique place in Jackson, NJ gives you the opportunity to practice archery. Black Knight Bowbenders is a private archery club that is open on Thursday night for all that want to take up this new and different hobby. This place is not open all year round, but only from May to September. There is no standard fee to enter this club. However, donations are very appreciated. Take up archery as a new hobby and make it one of your favorite outdoor activities to do in New Jersey.

Archery target board for practicing.
If you are looking for something new and exciting, stop the search.
This just might be the perfect new hobby for you.

Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse, Hoboken

Many of us love spending time around or next to the water. Boating as a hobby is very popular. But how about a little change of pace? It is time to consider kayaking as one of the many great outdoor activities to do on the water. In addition, this kayaking would be on the Hudson River. Thus, the location wouldn’t be too shabby. If you never kayaked before, no worries. Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse has employees that will gladly give you a lesson with useful tips about your new hobby. The lessons last up to 25 minutes and youngsters are more than welcome to participate. Still, they must be accompanied by a guardian.

the Hudson River

Once you are done kayaking on the Hudson,
hit up one of the many great bars and restaurants that Hoboken has to offer.

Pinelands Adventures, Shamong

Get ready for a real and all-year-round adventure. Pinelands Adventures would fascinate any nature lover. This truly is a place that just might take your breath away. Yet, it is not all about the great and captivating views once you arrive in this mesmerizing place. Of course, you can just enjoy the outdoors. Nevertheless, there are many activities to do in this place. You can kayak on the Mullica River, you can enjoy the ghost town tour, or you can go on a hunt for New Jersey Devils. As you can see, many outdoor hobbies can be found in this one place. In the end, if all that we mentioned is not enough, canoeing lessons are also offered.

Two kayakers on the Hudson
Kayaking on the Hudson or Mullica River is one of many ways
to enjoy your outdoor activities in New Jersey.

Sterling Hill Mining Museum, Ogdensburg

Now, this is an activity that you do not hear about every day and you will not have the opportunity to experience in many other places. This place is a great representative of the mining history in the state of New Jersey. Looking at fluorescent minerals will be a real treat for you and your family. In addition, you can hop on the underground mine tour or visit the famous rock and fossil discovery center. But wait! The fun doesn’t end there. There is also a minerals museum and an observatory. For those that like to be hands-on, they will have the opportunity to participate in the mineral collection.

Pochuck Boardwalk, Glenwood

Since all of our outdoor activities to do are very exciting, it is time for a more relaxing activity in nature. Pochuck Boardwalk is a stretch on the Appalachian Trail and it is the perfect place for a relaxing stroll. The nature of this region is very peaceful and the views are out of this world. You will have to make the trip twice, there and back since the trail doesn't go in a circle. However, you will barely feel it, because you can never spend enough time in such a beautiful place. This activity is perfect even for kids and seniors since walking is a safe activity for everybody.

Taking a stroll on Pochuck Boardwalk

Sometimes a simple walk through nature will be just what the doctor ordered,
all the better if you happen to be on Pochuck Boardwalk.

Moving to New Jersey

The Garden State is gaining popularity, and many have migrated to this area in the past decade or so. There are countless benefits of living in this state. So far you have learned that it has to offer a lot of fun activities. Yet, that is only a little fragment of what New Jersey can dispense. It is one of the best states to retire in. The proximity to New York City gives many the opportunity to job hunt in both states.

The school system is great and there are countless high-quality universities that your kids can attend. Truly we can go on and on because the advantages of living in NJ are countless. If this state has captured your attention and you are already planning your move, visit bluebellmovingandstorage.com to secure a stress-free move handled by professionals.

Once it is all said and doneā€¦

It is time to get moving and relish life. Enjoy all the outdoor activities to do in New Jersey and experience the tranquility and fun that nature has to offer. Of course, there are many more things to do in NJ. The sky is the limit. Some of your favorite ones might be those that you have discovered on your own.

Photos used: by Pixabay

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