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Attack Your Attic:
How to Organize Your Space

Organize your attic with these ideas

attic space
It often serves as the space where you put things you don't need now or any longer,
but it's the space that can be very useful when properly organized.

Keeping your attic clean is not an easy thing to do. You don't really use your attic as much as other rooms in your home so it often gets neglected. It gets messy and dusty. People tend to just throw their stuff in the attic and leave them like that for a long time. Then when it's time to clean it and organize it, people face many difficulties and it often becomes a few-day job. You can, of course, avoid this whole situation by simply investing some time and some money into organizing your space better. Get ready to attack your attic and read here how to organize your space better.

Get your cleaning supplies

Let's get real for a moment here. You probably haven't cleaned your attic in ages. There is probably more dust and spider webs than there are boxes in your attic. So, the first thing you have to prepare before getting up there are cleaning supplies. You have to keep yourself safe, so a mask to cover your nose and your mouth is more than welcome. You don't want to inhale all that dust. Get your rags and your mops. Make sure you also get the right cleaning products that will help you with cleaning. Put on some clothes you don't mind getting dirty and you are ready.

cleaning supplies
One of the first things you do when you start on clearing the clutter and organizing
your attic space, is to get some cleaning supplies that you will innevitably need.

Throw it all away

Now that you have your cleaning supplies ready, it's time to start. The first thing you want to do when you want to organize your space is to throw away all the unnecessary things that you are keeping in your attic. These things are usually the main reason why your attic is messy. So, start there. Start opening the boxes and checking everything that you have inside. Don't be afraid to throw away all the things that you don't need. If you find anything valuable, in good condition, try selling it online or organize a yard sale. It's a quick way to make some extra cash and you won't have to declutter before moving.

Sort the stuff that you are keeping

While you are throwing away all the things that you don't need, separate and sort the things that you are keeping. So, if there are some old clothes, sort them and put them all in one place. This way you will know exactly where you put them the next time you need them or the next time you want to store some of your clothes in the attic. It's best to keep clothes in a vacuum bag. You can find and buy these bags online for a very low price.

This sorting rule goes for everything - like goes with like. Books with books. Furniture with furniture. Knick-knacks with knick-knacks. Toys with toys. This is the best technique for keeping your space organized. Not just for your attic. This is also a good way to sort out your stuff when preparing for bluebellmovingandstorage.com.

cluttered shelf in the attic
Your attic doesn't need to be a showroom - all you need is to put things and stuff
that go together, making it easier to find them should you need any.

Replace old boxes

This is the key if you want your attic to at least seem organized - get rid of the old boxes. Get some good quality boxes. It's best if you can invest in plastic boxes. Having plastic boxes means your stuff won't get wet and ruined if something happens to your roof. It's also much easier to see what is inside a plastic box than what is inside a cardboard box. They are also very durable and once you decide to move, it will be much easier to do so.

Shelves and hooks

If you want to know how to organize your space better, believe us when we tell you that it is very simple. Shelves and hooks are your best friends. Having a lot of shelves where you can place certain things, books, for example, is a lifesaver. Shelves help keep the space organized. Hooks are good to have around so you can hang some things. Usually, they are very useful if you have old pans that you don't use but are too big to keep in your pantry. Luckily, these things don't cost a lot at all.

Putting up shelves is great as it leaves more room free for you to use. Maybe your newly organized attic becomes your hobby room. An attic is a nice place for children to draw and play around only if you know how to organize your space and keep it clean.

shelf with old books
Make some shelves or use the old ones to help you sort things out and keep them
in some order, to avoid having uninvited guests of the four-legged kind move in.

Label the boxes

Labeling the boxes in your attic is very important even if the boxes are see-through. Why? Well, what if you send someone up there to bring down something that you need and you can't find a way to explain which box the person should bring. If you label the boxes you will make it much easier for everyone. You won't have to use so much of your creative thinking to explain which box is the one you need.

How to keep your attic clean in the future?

It is very simple to do so but you have to be consistent with it. Once in two or three months, make sure you go up there with a rag and a mop and clean up all the dust. Believe us when we tell you that it is much easier to do this than to have a yearly attic cleaning weekend. Maybe cleaning your attic becomes your stress-reducing hobby.

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