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Page: How to Turn a Shed Into a Crafts Studio

Turn a shed into a crafts studio

How to transform your unused shed into a craft studio

That old shed in your paddock might look unappealing, but with some work
it can be easy to turn it into a crafts studio and make it useful.

Turning a shed into a crafts studio is something that almost every homeowner has considered doing at least once in their life. In order to pursue a crafts hobby or even have an additional source of income through your crafts, you will need to get some space. And a shed may seem like a natural choice, especially if it is properly sized. But, as you might guess, in order to turn a shed into a crafts studio, you will need to deal with a fair bit of planning and construction. So, let us go over how to properly transform your shed into a crafts studio.

Plan first

As it is with most projects, the first thing you will need to do is to plan. Without having a solid plan you will not know how to budget your project and which timelines to expect. Know that once a plan is set in motion, it will be hard and expensive to alter it. Therefore, take your time and figure out precisely what kind of crafts studio you would like to have.

Modeling your studio after your craft

We always advise our readers to model their surroundings according to their craft. Not the other way around. This includes your tools, your plans, and even your studio. So, when planning out your studio, think carefully about what your craft requires. That way you will find the best possible solution to how to practice it.

Your new shed-studio should be modeled on what's needed for your craft,
to make the best use of it.

Ideally, you should start by checking out how more experienced people dealt with their studios. That way, you will have a better idea of what awaits you and how to deal with various issues. You might even get lucky and find the perfect layout for your studio by copying someone else's. But, even if you don't, learning from more experienced people will do you a world of good.

Consult professionals

Another thing we advise you to do before you turn a shed into a crafts studio is to consult with professionals. This firstly includes talking with contractors that have substantial experience. As you will soon learn, there is a bunch of things you don't know about remodeling a shed. And there are numerous, costly rookie mistakes you definitely want to avoid. So, do yourself a favor and find a decent contractor and ask for their guidance. Also, keep in mind that depending on how much work you need to do in order to turn a shed into a crafts studio, you might need to get a certain permit.

Dealing with storage

One thing you will most likely have to deal with once you turn your shed into a crafts studio is storage. Most sheds are not quite large. Therefore, it is safe to assume that your studio will also be modestly sized. Now, it can be hard to store all of the required tools and materials for your craft in your studio. This is why you can either hire a company like Moving King NC and get storage service, or you can try to utilize your crafts studio a bit more and rearrange your home in order to find some extra storage space.

Storage units are an easy solution, but it can be easier and more
cost-effective to find a way to store your craft items in your home.

Finding storage space in your home

Before you go into turning your shed into a studio, we first suggest that you declutter your home. As you will soon see, you will need extra storage space. And, more often then not, you have things in your home that you can do without. So, go through your garage, your shed and your home and see what you can get rid of. Also, if possible, try to designate a certain space in your home where you will exclusively store items related to your craft. That way, you will have a much easier time finding them.

Appliances needed to turn a shed into a crafts studio

Besides getting the necessary tools and furniture, you will need to install some appliances in order to turn a shed into a crafts studio. This, of course, is dependant on the type of craft you are practicing. But, as a general rule of thumb, we are going to assume that you are going to need electricity, water, and heat in your new crafts studio. Keep in mind that installing these will easily be the hardest aspect of your construction project. Especially if you want to deal with them properly and ensure that your studio is energy efficient.

../images/fire-outlinex-1s.png Electricity

The easiest way to deal with electricity is to call an electrician and have them connect you to your local grid. This may require certain permits. But, with certain preparations and by hiring a good electrician, you should have no issue. We also like to mention that connecting your shed to a standard grid is not the only way to introduce electricity. You can use your constructing project as an opportunity to try out solar panels and see how's it like working with them. You may even find that installing them is easier than connecting to a local grid, especially when it comes to paperwork. And, if you feel that they are cost-effective, you might even change your whole power supply system.

Solar panels are easier and cheaper to install than ever, which is why you
should consider them while you turn a shed into a crafts studio.

../images/fire-outlinex-1s.png Water

Installing water into your shed is pretty straight forward. You can also connect a faucet to the local water system and be done with it. But, you can also look into some eco-friendly solutions. If you do not need much water for your craft, you can easily install a water gathering station. That way you will have necessary water, without having to deal with all the plumbing.

../images/fire-outlinex-1s.png Heating

After installing electricity, heating shouldn't be too much of a problem. We don't expect that your studio will be larger than a room. Therefore, an electric heater will be more than enough. Just make sure to install proper insulation, as it can be quite important.

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