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Page: Top 5 Family Beach Vacations in USA

Top 5 Family Beach Vacations in USA

Where to go on your beach family vacation

Beach vacations are practically family vacations as beach offers every age group of the family to enjoy and to do fun things. Fortunately, United States is blessed with great beach destinations full of family activities.

For those planning for family vacation, here are top 5 USA beach family vacations.

Beach vacations offers everyone in the family to enjoy themselves and indulge in
beach activities, from children to adults.

Outer Banks

In the state of North Carolina, Outer Banks is known for its history but it is more than that. It has great spots for fishing, windsurfing, ATV driving and wild life watching. In addition, there are places for whole family to enjoy. You could go for a game of mini golf or entertain yourselves at North Carolina Aquarium. Old lighthouses, sand dunes and beautiful beaches give couples ample room to spend some time together. Visit the Outer Beaches that stretches 90 miles, Jockey's Ridge Park or to Cape-Hatteras National Seashore to enjoy outdoor activities. Try some Seafood that has southern twist of Outer Bank. Place can be visited all year around as it conducts various festivals all year around.

The most renowned beach on Maui Island is Kaanapali Beach, with its white sand,
clear waters and a range of resorts and condominiums conveniently located nearby.


The large barrier of Hawaii, Maui is one of the most exotic family vacation destination in USA. Although it is smaller than other major islands, it stays bustling with tourism. Aloha state offers, variety of activities that ranges from wildlife to experience to local history and culture. Maui Island has five regions but most of the tourists like to visit the south and western regions as it has amazing beaches. Go for four-wheel drive on Road to Hana to explore the island. Beaches like Kaanapali Beach, Napili Beach, Wailea Beach, and Hookipa Beach are great spots for beach activities. In addition, it has golf course, Maui Ocean Centre and amazing state park are great for enjoying its natural beauty.

If you prefer a more quiet surrounds, away from noisy cities, you will find many sea and river banks in the US that offer a more relaxing and reflective holiday atmosphere.

Myrtle Beach

It is one of those beaches that fascinates visitors with its brown sand. On the east coast of South Carolina, it is a place for amusement parks, golf courses, and parties. Kids will love Myrtle Beach which has amazing water rides, racetracks and roller coasters. Popular Ripley's Aquarium attracts most tourists. Family Kingdom is the best amusement park you could visit. On Beach complex, NASCAR Speed Park is place for men to become boys again. However, Myrtle beachfront and state park are places for family to enjoy the ocean waters.

Lighthouse tower at Sanibel Beach - one of great destinations for family beach vacations

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island has vibe that attracts all family vacationers. Amazing range of restaurants serve soulful seafood and laid-back atmosphere gives ample time to spend quality time with your loved ones. A great family activity in the Sanibel Island would to go for shelling. Ask your hotel for the best time to visit beach for shelling. It usually occurs during low tide. Fall would be a great time to visit Sanibel Island.

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii and its most populous city.
This vibrant place has plenty on offer to its visitors in terms of attractions and
holiday activities, including great beaches.

Honolulu Beach

It has breath-taking scenery and reputation of luxurious destination, it has an urban appeal. Capital of Oahu has high rises and wide range of resort hotels. You can visit the capital during the evens like Annual Ukulele Festival where Hawaiian culture is on display. War memorial like USS Arizona and Pearl Harbor could be great spot to learn little history. However, beaches like Sunset Beach and Kailua Beach Park are great places for beach activities.

Prepare for beach family holiday in USA. All you require is proper documents and right bookings. Apply for necessary visas if required and do the booking in advance at hotels and resorts.

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