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Page: Top 5 Dangerous Yet Adventurous Hiking Trails

Top 5 Most Dangerous
Yet Adventurous Hiking Trails

Experience breath-taking adventure of unique hiking places

These places are called near death experience. Not because someone has died, documented the experience then came back to tell us how and what it is like, but because the way you feel when you are taking these hikes. These five top hiking places will give you that particular experience and adrenaline rush.

The Maze in Utah

It is located in the most remote section of the Canyonlands National Parks. In the interiors and remote areas of the park lies the Maze, this is a red rock labyrinth. It is difficult to reach and almost impossible to navigate to because of the dead end gullies. A rock fall or deadly flush floods are the dangers in these areas. Deaths and accidents are regular in this place.

Bryce Canyon is a National Park in southwestern Utah in the US, known for brightly coloured spires and Hoo Doos - chimney rocks.

Huayna Picchu in Peru

The real danger of the popular Inca Train to Machu Picchu trek begins when you follow past Huayna Picchu. It is known as the hike of death for a reason. However, the beauty of the hike, which also poses its danger, attracts daring hikers. The staircases are granite and climb up to 1000 feet steep within a mile, the route is made of crumbling rocks and exposed corners. Then there are the clouds and mist. You can barely see the path as you trek.

Towering above Machu Picchu ruins is Huayna Picchu (Wayna Pikchu),
the highest peak, which attracts daring hikers.

Mount Hua Shan in China

The motivation that keeps people climbing these mountains is the fact that pilgrims have been climbing them for centuries. However, they are a death trap. The trail to the South Mountain is difficult. It is made of wooden platforms that are bolted to the mountainside. You need to hook an iron chain parallel to the boards for you to hold up. At some point, there are no planks. All you need to hold onto are small divots that are carved into the rocks. If you fall, recovering your body would be a challenge and rescue is impossible.

Hiking will satisfy your thirst for adventure and give you the opportunity to enjoy
some of the most incredible sights.

The Drakensberg Travers in South Africa

Almost every year, deaths are reported on this hike. Many people die to enjoy the beauty that comes with the journey. The hike is a 40-mile trek through the Natal National Park, in South Africa. If you manage to cross, you will be welcomed with a beautiful alpine terrain that the world has. The beginning of the trek is tricky. The only paths you have are two rickety chain ladders that act as the bridge. The trail includes animal tracks and herding trails but what you get to experience is wonderful.

The picturesque Cathedral Cove is a Marine Reserve in New Zealand,
featuring large rock arch, popular with beach walkers.

The Cascade Saddle in New Zealand

The Cascade Saddle is an 11-mile trip that will take two days through the beach forest and the alpine meadows of New Zealand. Around two dozen people have lost their lives in the past few years trying to cross this terrain. The most dangerous spot is when one is crossing the falls. The slippery rocks can easily cause you to trip and fall to the depths of the saddle. The path is so dangerous it was suggested that it should be closed because of the fatality levels. Touring these breath-taking trails is as adventurous as is dangerous.

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