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Page: 11 Awesome Baby Bath Gift Ideas - Toy Keeping Tips

Awesome Baby Bath Gift Ideas

11 gift ideas for baby baths and 5 toy keeping tips

Bathing your baby is a wonderful experience. It is an activity that strengthens the subtle bond between you and your baby. Moreover, you can teach your kids how to enjoy the bath with some fun activities involving bath toys that keep them full and let you clean your baby in a breeze.


Bath Toys

Several bath toys are ranging from the classic rubber ducky to tubby tug boat available in the market. Check out the following list of the most popular bath toys available which also represents awesome gift ideas for your kids or someone close to you who is also a parent.

1. Basketball Toy

If you want your baby to give an early offshoot of sports, then you can try the basketball toy.


2. Bath Books

Bath Books are a fun way to teach new things to your baby varying from the ones that give them the elementary knowledge to the ones that have fairy tales. These are one of the best ways to learn while having fun. One thing that you need to pay attention while working with these kinds of stuff is that you need to clean them after each bath. This is so because they are vulnerable to mold buildups.

3. Bath Bubbles

Bubble bath is a fun way to enjoy a bath with your baby. Several companies offer different types of bubble products with varying duration for which the bubbles could withstand in the bathtub. Also, the more expensive the bath bubbles product is, the less bubble bath will be required to make them. Mr. Bubble is one of the most popular bath bubbles.


4. Bath Crayons & Markers

You can add more creativity to your baby’s bathing experience with bath crayons & markers. They can amazingly combine the experience of bath with the joy of learning that almost every baby is fond of. While both bath crayons and bath markers are easy to ward off from the skin as well as the bath tub, bath markers can only be used on a dry surface whether it’s the skin or the surface of the tub.

5. Boat Toys

Boat toys are one of the most popular bath toys for babies. Several brands offer a wide selection of these toys that vary in size and shape. Some boat toys are even actually toy kits that let your kids to learn the basics of block building such as the Tubby Tug Boat.

6. Foam Letters

For babies old enough to learn something new in the bathtub, you can go get the foam letters. Many babies like to hold the foam letters in between their teeth. Though this is not harmful, it can put on teeth marks on the letters. But anyway, it is a fun way of watching your baby playing adorably.


7. Foam Toys

Most babies are fascinated with the bathtub foam. Many times they are caught by the foam sticking on sides of the tub. There are several foam toys available in the market ranging from cars to paper dolls. Another most adored foam toy is a cup. You can use old cups from your kitchen for the purpose.

8. Hold Able Toys

For babies that are have learned – and are also capable of – making a grip, you need to buy toys that can be held. The size of the toys should be small such that the baby is able to hold on to them. You can go for popular toys like Sally Snap and Squirt Sea Creatures.

9. Other Bath Toys

There is a huge number of bath toys, both conventional and rare ones. While rubber ducky, boats, and crayons are some of the most usual types of bath toys; you can also purchase something unusual according to your baby’s fascination. One of this is kids shower head, made to look like a cartoon character or made in bright color. Which is great way to make sure your kids won’t be afraid of a running water.


10. Regular Toys

Other than purchasing special bath toys for your baby, you can also let her play with normal waterproof toys during the bath. The only thing that you need to do is to clean the toys after each bath so that there is no soap or another kind of buildup left on the toy.

11. The Classic Rubber Ducky

You don’t need to worry about any kind of bath toys for children between 0-3 months old as they aren’t capable of holding or playing with the toy. They are just too busy staring at the one who is washing them. Anyways, if you still feel the urge to buy a bath toy for your newborn, you can go for the traditional rubber ducky. Even though your baby won’t be able to play with the toy, it can certainly keep her consumed.

Toy Keeping Tips

So now that you’re well acquainted with the bath toys that you can get for your baby, here are some tips that will help you keep your baby’s bath toys in the best condition and avoid other unnecessary issues.


1. Cleaning Tip

You are free to use ready-made cleaning products to clean your baby’s bath toys, however, if you’re sternly concerned about the safety of your baby then you might like to use vinegar. As vinegar is a home product, it is much safer to use.

2. Dry After Each Bath

To ensure that all of the bath toys stay in their best condition, you need to dry them after each bath properly. Rub any soap or scum left on them during the bath and let them dry in the sun.


3. Keep Short-term Use In Mind

Bath toys are meant to be kept for a small amount of time. This is because your baby will get bored from it after some time. For the same reason, the makers of bath toys make them from a material that isn’t durable for a long time. Hence, when buying a bath toy keep in mind that it had to be warded off soon.

4. Separate Toy For Each Baby

You need to buy separate toys for your younger baby. This is because young babies have the habit of putting bath toys into their mouth and you probably don’t want your young darling to put an old toy in her mouth.


5. The More You Use, The More It Needs To Be Cleaned

The more frequently you use a bath tub, the more you’ll need to clean it. This is necessary to maintain the original luster and appeal of the bath toys that is the most attention grabbing feature of these.

I hope you have found some of this gift ideas helpful and happy bathing or showering.

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