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Page: Awesome Christmas Gifts for Online Shoppers

Awesome Christmas Gifts (Online List)

Seven unique Christmas gift suggestions

With the end of the year closing upon us, people start to ask a question themselves “What to buy (insert name here) for Christmas?”. Luckily, we got you covered on this matter, so here is our list of suggestions of something you might take into consideration when gifts are talked about. Note that prices listed here may vary, depending on your location, and the site you are shopping on.

When you are looking for a unique Christmas gift, shop online for great gift ideas

1000 Ultimate Experiences

If the person you are considering gift for has a knack for books and travelling, this item might be your solution. “Lonely planet” did a marvelous job creating this piece of art, giving you great insight into what you can expect in certain areas of the planet. An irreplaceable source for planning of a trip, it is certain that it will kickstart your desire to see the world.

Price: from $30 and upwards

Sunshine Wake-up light

Besides mosquitos, alarm clocks are the most annoying thing on Earth today. Wouldn’t be much better to wake up with the sunrise, the birds are chirping, the life is wonderful. In case that you agree on these claims, you could take this gift from Philips into consideration. This company has rock-solid reputation already, so commercial like this is not simple exaggerating.

Price: about $160

Deep sea sand art

Imagine having changeable picture on your desk. Made with simple sand and water squeezed between two glass plates, it is guaranteed that stress will be relieved. If the one for which gift is intended to is working way too much, this will be an ideal solution. Both calming and tranquilizing at the same time, with every turn, the image created will be different. From seas, deserts, lakes and mountains, every pair of eyes sees different, and that is its magic.

Price: $85

A few scenes can be more relaxing than a peaceful sunny beach with calm seas

Star Wars Merchandise

With the upcoming seventh part of the world-famous movie franchise, finding suitable gift for a Star Wars loving family member is actually quite easy. There is a ton of those things, so you may either hop on to the E-bay, Amazon, or whichever other site you are accustomed to shopping. Only bear in mind the shipping time, and order your item as soon as possible, for delays before Christmas are to be expected.

Price: variable

Inspiration box

In case that your family member had certain downfalls in the year behind us, this gift will surely come in handy. Small wooden container filled with coins inscribed with “love”, “strength”, “inspiration”, etc., will definitely be helpful as a reminder that we possess all of those things, but we simply forget that fact.

Price: $20 and up

Air-purifying Himalayan lamp

Utilizing special type of salt found in Himalayan Mountains, this lamp serves both as a source of lighting and as an air-purifier. Instead of poisoning your surrounding with chemistry-packed fresheners, try one of these instead. Also, it is really convenient for people suffering from allergies, because it is entirely made of natural materials.

Price: $15

Surprise someone you love with a memorable Christmas gift that will stand apart
from the others


Now we are hitting the big league. The closest thing to hoverboard from “Back to the future” movie franchise you can buy is here. Although it is not levitating, this awesome segway hoverboard will be quite the thrill to ride (or drive, we are not certain which is correct). And do not be afraid, you do not need two weeks to get accustomed to, half an hour will do the trick. Although it is a bit pricey, it is definitely the worthy purchase.

Price: about $800

So, these are our suggestions. Always bear in mind the interests of the person you are shopping for. And one more advice for the end. Guys, do not buy any of the kitchen utilities for your wife/fiancée/girlfriend, you can do better than that. And girls, if you are not certain which his favorite football team is, opt for something else.

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