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Page: Art Supplies and Kits for Kids - Drawing Materials and Tools

8 Essential Drawing Materials
and Tools for Every Art Kit

What should art supplies and kits contain

Kids are the most creative beings alive on the face of the earth. Why? Because their imagination is untamed and marvelous. They can paint the sky blue and water yellow. This is what the true form of art is.

Kids have an innocent heart and a brilliant brain. To let the budding ideas out, they need to be exposed to various colors and shades. That is why it is highly recommended that you get your kids an art kit and get them drawing.

Allow and stimulate your children's budding ideas to come out by getting them art
supplies and kits for drawing and painting, where they can use colours and shades.

Art Kits for Kids

There are many art kits available around you at various stationery stores as well as online stores. But most of them are just attractive boxes with a few coloring essentials packed. For a kid to truly unleash his or her imagination on the paper, you need to provide the kid with a lot of choices. There are several art materials that seem to be useless to general artists but are essential for an art kit of a kid. For kids to be able to experiment and choose, all these art materials are greatly significant.

Art Supplies for Toddlers Checklist

So, here is the list of all the art materials that should essentially be present in an art kit for young children. You may add a few more to the collection too.


../images/blue2-triangle-1s.pngWater Colors:

Kids surely can be messy with these water colors but they are fun. These enable kids to use their color dipped fingers to draw and color. Also, all these water colors are washable and so you do not have to worry about any of those staining your walls or furniture.

Water colours should be part of art supplies for toddlers, being fun to use.
They can be messy in their hands, but are easy to wash and leave no stains.

../images/blue2-triangle-1s.pngBio Face Paint Colors:

These are for kids as well as adults who wish to entertain their kids and make them more cheerful. These bio-based paints are skin friendly and let you paint on skin. It is really a good idea while making finger cartoon characters.


This is my personal favorite. Why? Because it even turns adults into kids. You can make great items and watch the kids marvel. The dough is what keeps kids engaged for hours.

../images/blue2-triangle-1s.pngMarker Pens:

Marker pens are a bit costly but are totally worth the money. If you are too concerned about kids drawing on the walls, there are even washable marker pens available. There are so many options you can choose from - skinny, thick, round tipped, angular tipped, sharpie markers etc.

../images/blue2-triangle-1s.pngGlitter Pens and Glitter:

These materials literally add shine to your toddler’s art. Kids are always fascinated by shiny objects and it would be marvelously fun for them to be able to create glittering pieces of art.

Children love crayons with different colours and shades, so it's a great way to
stimulate their creativity and allow them to have fun expressing themselves.

../images/blue2-triangle-1s.pngColoured Paper:

Coloured paper is for satisfying the collage making needs of young kids. Creatively cutting and creating designs is another added advantage of these papers. Above all, origami is something that kids love and these papers are a must for that.

../images/blue2-triangle-1s.pngGlue and Kid Friendly Scissors:

You need kid friendly scissors obviously as you do not want your kids to get hurt. Also, a glue stick which is non-sticky is preferable as kids tend to create a lot of mess while using glue and it would only add up to the mess if the glue is sticky and is all over the place.


There is no need to even explain the significance of this art item. All know how much kids love a box of crayons and how they use it to color the white paper with their imagination. Crayons are many different types of oil pastels, wax and much more. Take your pick or let your kids experiment with all of those.

All these are the basic need of any art kit you buy for a kid. In case you are planning to get an art kit online, make sure you check the contents of the kit first. Treat this list as a checklist and make sure all of these are present.

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