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With the current (still) growing virus pandemic, and health authorities' suggestion to stay at home to minimise potential exposure, pursuing hobbies and crafts at home become an imperative. Stay with your family and make the most of what's an unfortunate situation that will hopefully go away soon. Our thoughts go to the people who have become affected by this crisis. Get more crisis info here.

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In our often busy lives it become difficult to find time for ourselves, to reflect and immerse into our own universe. Instead, when we get those few precious moments for ourselves, we tend to find an escape in daytime TV, online chats, or some other modern life escapism. It's time to put more meaning into your life and escape those modern, mostly hollow addictions to all things internet.

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Glass jar with wax and wooden spoon
Self-Sufficient Wax Crafts to Do - Staying at home during a pandemic need not be boring or depressing. The idea is to use the time to make something new or even pick up a hobby or craft. One of those versatile hobbies is working with wax, which can be very forgiving when it comes to trying new things with it.

Start Model Airplane Collecting Featuring Kitty Hawk
Model Airplane Collecting
- Start your collecting with Wright Flyer "Kitty Hawk"
Best Hiking Spots in Alabama
Best Hiking Spots in Alabama
- You will find a myriad of hiking and adventure trails
Hobbies to Keep You Busy During Self Isolation
Hobbies During Self-Isolation
- Keep anxiety down with these hobbies in isolation
How to Declutter Your Hobbies and Crafts Room
Declutter Your Hobbies and Crafts Room
- Organize your space
5 Hobbies That Can Make Money
Hobbies That Can Make You Money
- Make your hobby a new source of income
How to Stay Motivated
How to Stay Motivated in Your Daily Life
- Learn practical techniques for keeping your motivation

Find a Hobby

Finding a hobby or a recreational activity is a healthier and more satisfying way to enjoy our free time and add something more fulfilling to our lives. Pursuing hobbies and crafts in your pass time will inject more fun into you life. Making crafts and collecting hobbies is also relaxing and a great way to reduce your stress. Through various active pursuits and hobby ideas, which enhance our skills and mental abilities, we express ourselves and become more creative, enriching our lives. Not to mention providing us with possibilities to meet new people and even earn some money from our hobby or craft.

  HOBBIES - Hobby Ideas and Tips

Hobbies and Hobby Ideas

HOBBIES  - Indoor and outdoor hobbies, home hobby ideas, hobby tips and spare time activities for adults and children.

Learning to Draw
Learning to Draw with Simple Exercises
Photography as a Hobby
Enjoying Photography as a Hobby
Nurture Your Creativity
Nurture Your Creativity With Hobbies
Hobbies for Children
Hobbies for Children Development
Play Bluegrass Guitar
Rough Guide to Play Bluegrass Guitar

  CRAFTS Making - Craft Ideas and Tips

Making Crafts

CRAFTS  - How to become creative, have fun and express your individuality through making crafts, both for adults and children.

Creative Party Invitations
Make Your Creative Party Invitations
DIY Yarn Crafts
DIY Yarn Crafts to Add House Charm
Mardi Grass Crafts
Easy Mardi Grass Crafts for Your Kids
Home Made Invitations
How to Make Home Made Invitations
Craft Maker Tools
10 Craft Maker Tools You Will Need
  BUSINESS - Turn Your Hobby Into Business

Turn Hobby Into Business

HOBBY INTO BUSINESS  - In addition to being a great way to spend your spare time and learn new things, hobbies and crafts can be turned into a business, to supplement your income.

Hobbies You Can Make Money From
5 Hobbies That Can Make You Money

Turn Hobby Into Business
How to Turn Your Hobby Into Business

  CHRISTMAS Crafts, History and Traditions

Christmas Celebrations

CHRISTMAS  - History of Christmas customs, traditions and celebrations; making your own Christmas crafts and decorations.

Pom Pom Decorations
Pom-Pom Decorations and Ornaments
Christmas Trivia
12 Christmas Trivia Facts You Never Knew
Christmas at the Office
Ideas for Celebrating Christmas at the Office
Christmas Decoration Ideas gallery
Christmas Decoration Ideas for Feature Walls and Small Spaces
Christmas History
History of Christmas Celebrations Around the World

  GIFTS - Gift Ideas and Gift Baskets

Gifts and Gift Baskets

GIFTS   - Choosing gifts for different occasions, with awesome gift ideas and special gift baskets.

Gifts and Hobbies
How to Turn Your Holiday Gifts Into New Hobbies
Awesome Gift Ideas
Awesome Gift Ideas for Any Occasion
Gift Ideas for Her
Christmas Gift Ideas for Women
Gift Ideas for Him
Christmas Gift Ideas for Men
Cookie Gift Basket
How to Create a Cookie Gift Basket
  HOME HOBBIES - Doing Hobbies from Home

Home and Hobbies

HOME AND HOBBIES  - The most efficient way to pursue your hobbies and crafts is from home. Here are some ideas if you decide to use this approach in your hobby pursuits.

How to Set Up a Hobby Room
How to Set Up a Hobby Room at Home

Storage Ideas for Craft Room
Storage Ideas for a Craft Room at Home

  FLOWERS - Gifting and Sending Flowers

Gifting Flowers

FLOWERS  - How to say it best with flowers and show someone you love that you care with a well chosen gift of flowers.

Choosing a Florist
Tips for Choosing a Florist

Send Unexpected Flowers
Send Unexpected Flowers


Collecting Hobbies

COLLECTING  - This leisurely hobby is for those who have a passion for collecting things from tiny buttons and stamps, to art and sport memorabilia.

Collectables for Investment
Six Collectables Worth Investing In

Art Collectibles Hobby
Hobby of Collecting Fine Art

  HOLIDAYS and Getaways


HOLIDAYS  - Whether you like annual holidays or prefer a more frequent weekend getaways, it's important to be well prepared for your trip. These travel tips should help to choose good adventure trails, best beach holidays and great holiday and travel destinations.

Adventurous Hiking Trails
5 Dangerous Yet Adventurous Hiking Trails
Beach Holidays
Enjoying Safe Beach Holidays
Family Beach Vacations
Top 5 Family Beach Vacations in USA
Holiday Reduces Stress
Reasons Why Holiday Reduces Stress
Cruise Holiday
Tips for Going on Luxury Cruise Holiday
  SELF-IMPROVEMENT - The Power of the Self

Self Improvement

SELF-IMPROVEMENT  - How to achieve more confidence and success through self-improvement to a more fulfilling life.

Creative Thinking
How to Use Your Creating Thinking Powers
Self-Improvement Success
Self-Improvement Tips for Personal Success
  RECREATION - Outdoors and Sport Activities


RECREATION   - Recreational activities usually include sports and hobbies, but they can also be about cars, driving and the great outdoors.

Custom Built Caravans
Custom Built Caravans Features
Outdoor Sports Activities
Outdoor Sports Activities Pass Time

  Warhammer Miniatures Guide

Warhammer guides   Painted Warhammer Miniatures - Warhammer 
    Fantasy is one of the most popular tabletop war games,
    played with richly painted miniature craft figurines

Gallery of Warhammer Miniatures - Take a look 
    at painted pieces of Warhammer miniature figurines

Guide to Warhammer Leveling - Discover how to
  reach level to rank 40 in Warhammer Online game

Christmas traditions and history

Christmas is one of the most important and most celebrated times of the year. It's the season for giving and spending your time with family. But the emphasis should be not on gift giving only, but on togetherness with your friends and loved ones. This involves putting up the Christmas tree and ornaments and learning more about Christmas traditions and history, and how it is celebrated around the world.

Get more out of life

If you truly want to add more meaning, fulfilment and pleasure to your busy life, than unlock your personal power through self-improvement. It will help you become more successful and stimulate your creative thinking. Pursuing hobbies and crafts will put more enjoyment and fulfilment into your life, to get away from digital overload. All that will free your personal potential and motivate you to become innovative and get more out of life.

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Home Office Ideas to Keep You Motivated All Day

Home Office Ideas for Motivation

Working from home has become a new reality during the course of this pandemic. There is work to be done and bills to be paid, so the work must go on, or we all perish. Make your work from home and pleasant and as productive as possible with these home office tips.

Self-Sufficient Wax Crafts to Do During the Pandemic

Self-Sufficient Wax Crafts to Do

Like it or not, the pandemic is here and we have to deal with it the best way we can. Stay positive and focus on the things you can do to make the most of your self isolation and social distancing. Pick up a hobby or a craft, to engage your mind and body and feel useful.

Start Model Airplane Collecting Featuring Kitty Hawk

Model Aircraft Collecting with Kitty Hawk

When you are a serious airplane collector, you want to have really historical models in your collection. One of the best to include is the true pioneer of aviation, the legendary Kitty Hawk. This is the plane the Wright Brothers used for their historical flights in 1903.

Best Hiking Spots in Alabama

Best Hiking Spots in Alabama

From the beaches of Gulf Shores to the mountains of Huntsville, Alabama is a dream come true for all hikers out there. There's something for everybody's taste, including overnight hikes for those with busy schedule. Here are some of the best hikes in Alabama.

Hobbies to Keep You Busy During Self Isolation

Hobbies to Keep Busy in Self-Isolation

Social distancing and self-isolation is something we all have to adjust to for a period of this new pandemic. The COVID-19 has most of use home-bound, which can be stressful over a long period of time. One way to deal with this is to pursue hobbies during self-isolation.

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