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Ideas for pursuing your hobbies from home

Hobbies can be expensive. This is especially true when your hobby requires that you go outside of your home to pursue it. Yes, there is a great benefits in meeting other people who are involved in the same hobby. But if your hobby is dipping into your family budget and time, maybe you should consider pursuing a hobby from your home.

  Hobby and Crafts Pursuits from Home
Best DIY Clothes Storage Ideas for Children Room

Best DIY Clothes Storage Ideas

Storage space is always an issues, especially in houses with children. While walk-ins are great for adult rooms, kids room may require a different approach. Instead of spending more on furniture, try some DIY clothes storage ideas.

Bonding Activities to Do With Your Roommate

Bonding Activities With Your Roommate

When you are on your own, sharing a home with someone has many benefits, both from financial and emotional point of view. But you have to put in some effort to make it work, which is best done via bonding through activities.

How to Declutter Your Hobbies and Crafts Room

Declutter Your Hobbies and Crafts Room

Having more leisure time in your lives, hobbies and crafts have become a very important part of our lives. Accoirdingly, we end up with more and more stuff that clutters our rooms. Here are ways to organize your cluttered space.

Declutter Your House Before Moving

Declutter Your House Before Moving

Planning your moving can be a stressful affair, of which packing is the most strenous. Deciding on what to keep and what not to can be challenging. Fortunately there are things you can do simplfy the whole process, using these tips.

How to Design the Perfect Craft Room

Design the Perfect Craft Room

As you well know, working on your hobby or craft projects creates mess and disorganises things. And if you don't have a dedicated crafts space, the stuff gets easily lost. Your best solution is to design a craft room at your home.

Guide to Designing a Perfect Game Room in Your Home

Designing a Perfect Game Room

Games are a perfect excuse to remind young at heart and keep bonding with others. But most of all, they're just great fun. Unless you already have a game room in your home, here's a quick guide to design a perfect game room at home.

Hobbies to Keep You Busy During Self Isolation

Hobbies During Self-Isolation

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a new reality for most of humanity, often requiring self-isolation and social distancing. One of best ways to deal with this new stress is to find hobbies to keep yourself occupied and feel normal.

Home and Hobby Pursuits

Home and Hobby Pursuits

It used to take decades and even centuries to see changes in society. Now these changes happen in a few years and even more often. But  we forget the simple joys of life, that are more fulfilling and stress-free than smart phones.

Home Decor Mistakes to Avoid in Your New Home

Home Decor Mistakes to Avoid

We all make a mistake of buying something for our home, then coming back and realizing that's not it. It's only one of many mistakes we make with home decor. Here's a list of more mistakes and how to avoid them.

Home Hobby Kits for Beginners

Home Hobby Kits for Beginners

Many different hobbies these days can be started with hobby kits. These help the beginner to learn about a particular hobby and quickly grasp the basics involved. Even if you are a complete novice, a hobby kit will get you easily started.

How to Set Up a Hobby Room

How to Set-up a Hobby Room

No matter what kind of hobby you choose at any time, you will always look for suitable space where you can pursue your hobby in peace. This is best done by setting-up hobby room at home. Here are some design tips and steps.

Storage Ideas for Craft Room

Storage Ideas for Craft Room

Everyone likes hobby crafts, but they can make quite a bit of mess. While we enjoy making crafts, cleaning and tidying afterwards is not a fun thing. But it need not be. With a little bit of discipline your craft room can be neat and tidy.

Things to Know Before Getting a Dog

Things to Know Before Getting a Dog

Dogs have always been the most popular pets. They're loving, loyal, friendly and fiercely devoted, being good companions and protectors. But before you think of having a pet dog, you have consider all different things about having a pet.

Guidelines for Transforming Your Garage Into a Craft Workshop

Transforming Garage Into Workshop

Do you have a hobby or a craft that you are looking to pursue and maybe even earn some extra money, but lack space? What can be a more perfect location than your garage. Here are some tips to convert it into a workshop.

Turn a Shed Into a Crafts Studio

Turn a Shed Into a Crafts Studio

When you are involved in crafts or hobbies, you will at some stage wish to have your own space to pursue them. Unless you have a spare room for it, the next best place is to turn your shed into a craft or hobby studio, using these ideas.

Hobby pursuits from home

You probably started thinking about your retirement savings a long time ago. Well, you should also start thinking about how you plan on spending your time. A satisfying hobby or a way to spend you time really is required for your happiness. Perhaps you’ve decided to spend more time with your family and just enjoy life. That’s all well and good but you’ll need something more to occupy yourself. Hobbies can be worthy pursuits, not only emotionally, but also financially. Not to mention a positive impact on your wellbeing.

Women at home pursuing a cooking hobby

Hobbies are usually started at home, pursuing an activity that we might be
usually doing, but taking it to a higher level of learning and enjoyment,
while socializing with others and maybe even making some extra cash.

Choosing a fun hobby is easy. Most hobbies are fun, that’s why they’re hobbies. And I’m sure almost everyone has something that they like to do. Whether it’s gardening, playing tennis, building ships in a bottle or collecting stamps, I’m sure there’s something out there that you’d like to do. Finding a fun hobby shouldn’t be a problem for most people.


Whether you use your home to pursue hobbies or crafts, you will usually need to allocate separate space or a room for your pass time activities. That usually means doing some upgrades and improvements to your home. Or maybe decluttering some of the spaces you have. The following resources might help.

Lockpicking Guide for Beginners

Lockpicking is the act of manipulating a lock to open it without its original key. It can be a handy hobby to know, but not for the sake of robbing someone (which would be illegal and immoral), but to pick your own lock if you lose the key. Millions of people lose their home or car keys every year.

This quick guide provides some interesting information on lockpicking:

  • The difference between legal and illegal lockpicking
  • Four different types of lockpicks
  • Three vital elements for a key to open a lock
  • Different aspects of lockpicking that can be mastered
  • Understanding different kinds of locks


Guide to Securing Your Home

According to the FBI, a home burglary happens every 25.7 seconds. But as bad as home burglaries are, it's not the only danger to your home - fire is the other danger.

This guide is a good starting point to learn about burglary danger to your home and what to do to prevent it from happening:

- Get inside the mind of a burglar
- What are common burglary deterrents
- Things to avoid to "aid" your burglar
- Steps to take in securing your home
- How to keep it safe while on vacation
- Home security technology
- Create a home fire defense plan


Rubbish Taxi in Australia

Rubbish Taxi Australia 
When it comes to decluttering and waste removal services in Australia, talk to the friendly team at The Rubbish Taxi. They provide households, commercial properties, manufacturers and builders with a fast, cost effective and environmentally sustainable solution to their rubbish removal needs. Plus, they have handyman service and do all the work for you.

Their work also supports their charity Giant Steps, a school founded to help children with autism, and their families.

Room Colour Psychology

If you have been doing any home improvements, you know that different colours can create different moods. Each colour has a certain symbolism, so you have to carefully pick room colours. This guide analyzes each colour, what it means and where it's best to use it.

Get the guide and infographic here:

Yellow colour symbolism image