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Tiny house hobbies - fun activities
you can do in small spaces

How to find some amazing hobbies for your smaller rooms

A large mouse sitting in chair, with small cat looking at it from table
Scale modeling and needle felting are perfect tiny house hobbies.
These fun activities don't require much space to be enjoyed.

You'd like to have a creative outlet, invest your leisure home-time in a fun, relaxed, or productive activity? Living in a small space is not an obstacle any more! There are many amazing tiny house hobbies you can enjoy, as long as you stick to one at a time, of course.

Tiny house hobbies for everybody

A good thing about living in a small home is that you don't have to go through the effort of setting up a hobby room. The only thing you need is a peaceful corner of your living space. Some of the most interesting and even practical hobbies that don't require much room are:

  • Writing 
  • Paper arts 
  • Scale modeling 
  • Candle making 
  • Online gaming 
  • Herbarium making 
  • Drawing 
  • Needlework 
  • Digital arts 
  • Culinary arts 
  • Amateur astronomy 
  • Jewelry making 

Writing, blogging, and vlogging

Any space is good to develop your writing skills - the only things you need are your laptop and an interesting topic. There is also no boundary to your imagination, as you can try your hand at writing fiction, blogging for various online media, or starting your own blog.

If you prefer oral expression, start your own channel, and dedicate your leisure time to creating interesting audio and video content. Have you thought of creating audiobooks? If you have an angel's voice and good diction, read classics to your audience.

A woman is writing her blog from the comfort of her bedroom.
To start your own blog, you only need your laptop and an interesting topic.

Paper crafts: making greeting cards

Aside from origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, there are quite a few paper crafts enjoyed by people worldwide, including paper quilling. But one of the most practical, easy to do, creative, and fun paper crafts is making greeting cards. Spread the wings of your imagination and surprise your family and friends with hand-made cards for a variety of occasions year-round. Note that paper crafts don't require space but can be messy if you don't tidy up as soon as you complete your little projects.


With the découpage, there are almost no limits to what you can beautify. Most often, this technique is used to decorate plain household items, giving them a new, artistic look. Decoupage only requires a small but well organized space, a decoupage sealer, glue, and finish, scissors, and an object you wish to transform into a piece of art.

Origami figurines
The Japanese art of paper folding is called origami,
where you are only limited by your imagination in creating paper crafts.

Scale modeling: room boxes

Becoming more and more popular as we speak, scale modeling is a trend that captivates creative but patient souls. If you're not the model train type, try making dollhouses or room boxes. Room boxes are detailed miniatures of actual rooms. Miniature hobbies are ideal tiny house hobbies as they truly don't require much space. As long as you keep your supply of tools and tiny craft material in organized boxes, shelves, and drawers. Utilizing your walls as storage space is the way to go.

Candle making

Candle making is a hobby that combines art and science. Starting with online research and quality ingredients, you can spend endless hours making the perfect combination of shape, color, and fragrance. If you prefer the scent of candles over the one of cooking, make your little kitchen the perfect hobby room.

Online gaming

If you think that online gaming appeals only to the young, think twice. There are online sports and chess competitions, as well as a variety of driving simulations that border science. Furthermore, online gaming is a hobby that can make money if your entrepreneurial talent matches your avid gaming skills. Some of the most famous YouTubers started as online gamers who shared captivating game-related videos on their YT channel.

A boy playing PC games.
Online games often combine a pastime, hobby, sport, and science,
pursued by people of all ages, for different reasons and purpose.

Plant and flower pressing: make an herbarium

You don't have to be a biologist to take part in this tiny house hobby. All you need is to love nature and research. Start by gathering plants and flowers during your walks and then dry them at home. In the winter months, when access to plants is minimal, spend time doing research and fill the pages with plant descriptions, including their Latin names and classification, usage, location, and perhaps interesting facts.

Drawing and sketching

If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, try sketching. Grab your notebook and graphite and sketch everything you see. You can illustrate your favorite books or sketch scenes outside your window – it is up to you. If you think you might use some drawing and shading lessons first, there are numerous free drawing tutorials online, available free of charge.

Man drawing woman's face
If you have a talent to draw or sketch, there are plenty of subjects around you.
If you lack talent, use online tutorials and try to learn this very fulfilling hobby.


Needlework offers an activity for everybody's taste: sewing, knitting, needle felting, embroidery, quilting, crocheting, macramé, string art, or lace-making. Just don't get overly enthusiastic about acquiring needlework materials. If you start accumulating all those colorful fabrics and yarn, you will soon need to browse the verifiedmovers.com website in search of a nearby storage unit. The only things you will need in abundance are patience and swift fingers.

Digital hobbies: Visual arts

Digital painting and illustration, graphic design, animation, cartooning, photoshopping, even fashion or industrial design can all be done with the help of your personal computer, a few accessories, and adequate software. It doesn't even have to be expensive. Most software, courses, and tutorials found online are free and good enough for beginners.

Culinary arts

Make your kitchen your hobby room and create delicious pieces of culinary art you can later enjoy yourself or share with a few lucky others. You most likely already have all the tools to make the most nutritious and visually attractive dishes. You only need to find space in your library for a few cookbooks.

An open cookbook on a kitchen table.
Combine your hobby of cooking and baking to create edible pieces of art
that will be appreciated by your family and friends.

Amateur astronomy

Ideally, astronomy is best experienced away from the city and its light pollution. With the help of a telescope, notebook, and few online starting tips, you can explore the endless space above your home. This is one of the tiny house hobbies you can enjoy in a small but well-organized attic, as it provides a perfect atmosphere: quiet, dim, and cozy.

Jewelry making

A piece of string and beads of choice, an artistic mind, and good lighting are all you require to begin jewelry making. If you're driven to stand out, you can experiment with unusual materials. Design to your heart's desire and create your signature jewelry pieces in your snug hobby corner.

Pictures: by Pixabay

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