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Fun hobbies to spice up your summer

Replenish your energy with these seven fun summer hobby ideas

There’s no better time than summer to take part in various activities that make you feel happy and fulfilled. The possibilities are endless, and you can go to sleep every day having gone through some new and important experience.

While doing nothing and just relaxing are sometimes necessary, wasting the whole summer like this won’t be as gratifying as it may seem at first. Engaging in awesome hobbies that both your body and soul would enjoy is bound to replenish you with energy better than just napping and lounging.

An illustration of summer on beach fun
Summer is great for relaxing on beach and reading,
but you replenish your energy with other fun hobbies to enjoy, too.


Posting beautiful photos on social media will satisfy your need for followers and likes, but the whole experience of taking photos during summer will become an essential part of your personality so much, that you probably won’t even care about social pages after a while. Photography is one of those great hobbies that will provide a completely new insight of the world and make you appreciate even the smallest details of the beautiful and fascinating nature that surrounds you.

A woman taking photo by the sea at sunset
Summer is a perfect time to polish your photography hobby
and get more social media likes.


Everyone knows that the scent of summer nights is one of the most delicate and intoxicating ones. Spending some time at night stargazing under an open sky and rewarding your senses with this astonishing scent and the beauty of the starlit sky is a hobby that will enrich both your soul and mind. What’s more, you can use your new knowledge of the starry sky to make your own constellation map or globe.

A shooting star in the clear night sky
Get out of the city and populated areas with their light pollution, 
to fully appreciate and enjoy summer skies
in their wondrous beauty.


Those who seek peacefulness may very well find it when fishing. Managing to catch a fish gives a certain satisfaction, while spending time near the river or pond during summer will provide you with some unique experiences. Insect and wild life will become your companions and the nature of the fishing spot will soothe your mind.

A woman fishing at a serene lake
While a relaxing hobby, fishing is much more than that,
actively engaging your mind
and perfecting your fishing skills.

Thrift shopping

In case you’ve always wanted to try out a different fashion style, summer is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone. Of course, in case you want this to be a fun project instead of complete wardrobe and fashion transformation, thrifting is the way to go. You’ll definitely be able to find some unique pieces at unbelievable prices that can effectively change your summer looks and outfits.

A woman at a clothing store
If shopping is always on your mind, summer time is ideal for thrift shopping
for your new look and outfits, often at great prices.


Gardening during summer is very gratifying since you can see the change that you make in your own backyard almost immediately. Adding plants and/or flower pots will provide a new touch for your whole home while you can also find amusement in some DIY tricks to decorate your garden. You don’t need a lot of investing either – simply get yourself some spades, a garden fork and gloves, spray nozzles and a hose and you’re pretty much set for some fun amateur gardening.

Garden tools in soil
Gardening in summer is most satisfying, giving your quick results
in improving your garden at home, be it a vegie or a flower garden.


Find the artist in you and use breathtaking summer scenery as your inspiration. Even if you’re not that good in the beginning, practice will pay off. Also, being able to put your feelings on canvas in such a creative manner will definitely make you smile and serve as a great stress-relief technique.

Watercolor painting
While every seasons has its beauty and colours,
summer scenery can be often most inspiring with its splendid colours.


Even if you’re not too fond of exercising, everyone loves to swim during warm summer months. Swimming as a hobby will bring you the best of both worlds – you’ll feel refreshed when the weather is hot while the physical activity will improve your fitness and health.

People swimming on beach in summer
Swimming is one of summer activities that comes most naturally,
especially if your enjoy beaches, or like going to a swimming pool.

While it is recommended to stay indoors between 10 am and 3 pm during summer months, there’s no reason to confine yourself in your home at other times. Seek the opportunities and activities that make you truly happy and enjoy your new-found lifestyle to the fullest.

All above images courtesy of Pixabay

Diana Smith

Author bio:

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate traveler. In her free time she enjoys freelance writing on many subjects, including crafts and hobby ideas.

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