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Most Popular Hobbies in Florida

Escape the addictive power of blue screens,
to take up outdoor hobbies and crafts if you live in Florida.

Hobbies are defined as an activity pursued for pleasure that we do in our free time. Hence, it doesn't surprise that the most popular hobbies nowadays are watching TV and the use of social media. Even if we treat them as a part of modern lifestyle rather than true hobbies, it seems that the digital era has a firm grasp on most of us.

However, even those who like to watch TV series or play video games still have some leisure time left. They spend it on the other most popular hobbies, somewhat typical for Florida.

A woman is taking photos by the sea.
Every location has something particular that lends itself for specific hobbies.
Florida is particularly suited for outdoor hobbies, including photography.

Popular hobbies in Florida

What makes Florida so different from other states and perfect for various hobbies? It is the flattest of the states, the sunniest, and close to the ocean. There's plenty of space to enjoy golfing and outdoor activities, as well as sun and beautiful scenery to indulge in gardening and photography. Collecting is ever-present and does not know borders, to the joy of all hobbyists. Craft-making is one of the most versatile hobbies; creative residents of Florida indulge in numerous artistic projects.


Understandably, golfing is popular in Florida, which is nestling 1250 golf courses, more than any other State. With so many green fields around, ready for everybody's enjoyment, golf ranks highly on Floridians' list of hobbies.

A golfer enjoying one of the popular hobbies in Florida.
Florida has the highest number of golf courses in the USA. Playing golf has
never been more accessible to the public, which makes it a popular pastime.

It is true; golf isn't a leisure activity only for the rich anymore. Nowadays, all those who pay the green fee can indulge in golfing, as most courses are open to the public. Also, one doesn't have to invest in expensive equipment to enjoy golf. If this is your hobby of choice, a second-hand club and balls will serve you well. Moreover, it is a great way to exercise in the open air. It also leaves for hobbyists to decide if they wish to play alone or team up with friends.

Outdoor sports

More adventurous types seek more adventurous outdoor hobbies to pass their time. Kayaking is emerging as a popular hobby for all those who prefer physical activity on the water. Another perk of kayaking is enjoying the scenic places throughout Florida like WeekiWachee Springs, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Sante Fe River or Juniper Run.

A man is kayaking along the Florida coastline at sunset.
Kayaking locations in Florida are diverse and numerous, offering a unique
experience to hobbyists every time, to enjoy wonderful coastline and sights.

Folks who prefer to immerse themselves in the water can make swimming a healthy hobby thanks to the warm climate and many beautiful beaches on both coasts. Moreover, picturesque bike trails will leave you breathless in the most positive sense. Paved or not, short or long-distance, there are thousands of trails to explore.


Not everybody fancies spending their free time outdoors. Some hobbyists in the Sunshine State are indoor types and prefer to set up a hobby room (or more than one) for their favorite pastime. Collecting seems like much more than a hobby to many. It is educational, interesting, rewarding, and amplifies socializing. Specifically, book collecting has reached another dimension with the expansion of e-books; bookshelves now measure in Gigabytes.

A collection of US postmarks.
There are no limits when it comes to collecting as a hobby except, perhaps,
storage space, depending on the collecting hobby you take up.

Furthermore, the number of things one can collect is boundless. The fact that people can gather and organize everything from coins to elements of the periodic table is what makes collecting one of the most popular hobbies.


Lantana, Buttercup, Bougainvillea, and Mexican Heather adorn front yards across Florida all year round. Vegetables like eggplant and sweet potato thrive in Florida's climate and are a choice of many amateur gardeners. Those who enjoy horticulture in Florida rely on planting calendars, gardening guides, and other fellow gardeners to improve their skills.

A couple is enjoying gardening in their backyard.
Studies have proven numerous mental and physical benefits of gardening.
It doesn't come as a surprise that gardening is among the most popular
hobbies in Florida, too.

As a hobbyist, you will gather both experience and gardening tools over time. When you don't use them, keep your tools in a safe storage unit. Besides, gardening is not only a creative and artistic hobby but a useful one, too. A beautiful garden doesn't just please the eye; it boosts the curb appeal and, thus, raises home value. The biggest advantage of gardening that Floridians certainly know about are its proven health benefits.


Photography is a multifaceted pursuit. It allows people to express themselves by catching the moments they deem special. It doesn't have to be a costly hobby. Digital cameras have made photography more affordable, as there's no need to develop films anymore. Hence, it gained its popularity quickly.

A woman photographing a landscape.
Photography motivates both the young and the old to express themselves
by capturing the diversity of Florida's landscape.

There is plenty to capture in pixels in Florida, be it landscapes, people, events, or flora and fauna. It motivates wallflowers to go out and explore. It brings together art creation and physical activity. Also, photography has one more perk. It allows you to turn your hobby into a business and earn by doing what you like.

Arts and crafts

People around the world, Florida included, have recognized the many benefits of craft making. Numerous arts & crafts meetups and shows throughout Florida are proof that this is one of the most popular hobbies. Whether diligent hobbyists shape ornaments, art, utensils or jewelry, they agree that the process of making is precious and irreplaceable.

A selection of artfully decorated wooden boxes presented at an arts&crafts show.
Numerous arts & crafts shows and meetups organized across Florida
prove that many enjoy it as a hobby and appreciate its many privileges.

Handmade goods make crafting an excellent creative outlet and an antidote to everyday stresses. No one can dispute the happiness craft-making brings by relaxing, increasing confidence, enhancing concentration and memory, and bringing a sense of accomplishment.

The most popular hobbies in Florida are bound to change over time, just as people and lifestyles change. However, hobbies will always keep a spot in our busy lives due to their numerous and various benefits.

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