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8 Hobbies for Manly Men

Avoid boredom with these hobby ideas for men

Sure, we live in an age of gender equality and, while the tendency towards it cannot (and should not) be opposed, we still like to brag about traits that make us what we are.

One of the main ones that us bearded fellows like to boast about is, well, our manliness, of course. Now, there are many hobbies to get into if you are a man, but here are 8 that made the list.

Car Restoration

Vintage Chevrolet at a gas station

Few things are manlier than large, greasy hands holding a wrench. Real men take interest in cars, everyone knows this, but the fashion stars on wheels that occupy the majority of the roads today simply aren’t cut for tweaking. This is where car restoration kicks in. If you have some money on the side, this hobby might just be for you – get an oldie, buy some beer and get those hands dirty!


A young male with an acoustic guitar

Now, if you don’t care about your car, you can always play guitar! Music is a great thing to get into – it can be deep, requires creativity and cleanses you of most thoughts when you play it. Playing the guitar is different than playing other instruments (as each is different in its own way). Sure, playing flamenco and classical music is impressive, but nothing beats the good ol’ blues, when it comes to manliness. The best part: blues is easy and all it requires is the ‘feel’ for it. So, why not try taking this up?


A man sitting in an armchair and reading a book, in black and white

There’s nothing manlier than taking initiative and a man will never take initiative if he isn’t well-informed and, thus, able to make good decisions. The best way to be informed is to read. Although men stereotypically don’t read, it doesn’t mean you have to follow this bad trend. In fact, with the amount of gadgets available today, you can have just about any book made available for your tablet, in the matter of seconds. Keep in mind that browsing Facebook for new sites isn’t reading, it’s procrastinating!


Wood working plane tool

Being crafty with wood means manipulating the material into making your own stuff, instead of having to buy it, and craftsmanship is quite a manly hobby! Increased patience and lower stress levels are things that woodworking has in offer and you can even turn it into a full-time profession!


Skilful work with metals

Metalworking benefits you in roughly the same terms as woodworking does, but it has just different sort of a feel to it. The sweet smell of sawdust is replaced with oh, so noxious smell of burning metal – which has a very manly tint to it.


Famous golfer Tiger Woods

There’s a reason why this is usually the pastime of men – golfing is really manly! Don’t let the images of kilt-wearing men in Scotland fool you – there is nothing dressy about these brave, bearded fellows. If you haven’t tried golfing yet (no, mini-golf doesn’t count), try visiting the North Shore golf club – it’s great for beginners and seasoned golfers alike!


Man in a bush hunt with a rifle

There’s something primal about killing your own food – it is the right way to do it – not buying your meat in the supermarkets (which has led to several debatable, yet ridiculous misconceptions over time). Hunting game for fun simply doesn’t click with logic, but doing so for food is something that many animals, in fact, do.


Man practicing marksmanship

So, you don’t like to kill. It’s okay, nothing to be ashamed of here. You like shooting a gun? Well, taking up marksmanship is a great way to become an expert shooter, without ever having to kill anyone or anything. Additionally, this is a valuable survival skill!

These manly hobbies are, above all, well, fun! There’s a kid inside of every man out there and boredom isn’t something you’ll find here; well, unless you start reading a boring book by accident, or unwillingly get into jazz!

All above images courtesy of Creative Commons

Diana Smith

Author bio:

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate traveler. In her free time she enjoys freelance writing on many subjects, including crafts and hobby ideas.

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