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How To Turn Your Holiday Gifts
Into New Hobbies

Combining gifts and hobbies into new activities for you

Have you ever been asked what you would like for Christmas and drawn a complete blank? The holiday season is fast approaching, so now is the time to consider your answer more carefully. As more of us are relying on Wish Lists for gift picking, it’s time to get yours in good shape so you can help your relatives choose the perfect gift for you.

Hobbies gift ideas

All of us can benefit from having a hobby or two. This season, why not think about a hobby you have always wanted to take up. Is there anything you always meant to try but never got around to? Many of us had childhood dreams of learning a musical instrument. Add popular sheet music for your chosen instrument to your wish list.

There's nothing stopping you to plan your gift ideas to be hobbies you always wanted to pursue, or at least try doing.

Turn a paint set gift into an art hobby
A new acrylic paint set for a gift can be an opportunity to try your hands at an art hobby.
(Thanks to Flickr.com for this image)

Art supply gifts

For all you budding artists out there, this season could be a great time to stock up on supplies. Why not pop an acrylic paint set or new brush set into your wish list. Perhaps you’ve run out of large paper, or you fancy having a go at air drying clay modeling. Art supplies make perfect gifts, and they’re great fun to give and receive.

Sport gifts

Sporty people might fancy a new sports top or even a pair of sneakers. As you’re choosing the style and size, anyone buying you the gift is guaranteed to get it right. Tennis enthusiasts always need new balls. And golfers often need to top up their golf balls too. Other gifts for the season can include sports bags or even wearable tech. Fitness bands are very popular, especially those that connect to your smartphone. Pop them in your wish list and see if anyone picks them for you! It could be the start of a new fitness program for you.

Classes as a gift

Of course, not everybody likes to shop for gifts from a wish list. Instead, you might need to drop casually hints about what you would like! Have you ever considered classes for a gift? Dance classes, Yoga classes, painting classes and DIY classes are all quite popular right now. Some local adult education centers start classes in the New Year and sell taster sessions for gifts.

Learn to cook at cooking classes
For a gift with difference, why not give or hint at receiving a gift of activity and hobby classes, such as cooking and banking class. (Thanks to Pixabay.com for this image)

Cooking and baking hobby

If you love to cook, and you’re always receiving kitchen items for Christmas, why not take it more seriously? Cooking and baking are great hobbies. Perhaps the best thing about it is the opportunity to make money. You might bake cupcakes to raise money for a good cause. Or you could even get certificated to go into a catering business. As a new hobby, you could always invite your friends over to sample your projects.

Blogging hobby

Even if you usually receive gifts you’re not that keen on, you can turn them into a new hobby. Have you ever tried blogging? Writing reviews and thoughts about products you receive as Christmas gifts can open up a new hobby for you. Beauty and bath product reviews are particularly good reading online. Who knows? That unwanted gift pack could be the start of something fun and new to do for the New Year.

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