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Best Places to Buy Flowers in India

One of the most diverse countries when it comes to flowers

India is one the richest countries in Flora due to its wide range of climate, topology and enviromental conditions. It is believed that it has more than 15000 species of flowering plants, which in fact accounts to 6% of the total plant species in the world. The wide range of climatic conditions supports the variety of flora of India than any other country in the world.

The following are the places where you can purchase flowers in India:


This place consists of Foxtail orchid flowers. These flowers have long and thin densely packed inflorescences that spread up to 37cm with very sweet fragrant blooms. The inflorescence of these flowers is visible in autumn and winter. These flower plants grow best in a wood slat basket that contains little or no potting material.

Eastern Himalayas

In this place there exists Small Warty Acampe plant which produces a fragrant miniature flowers. Since this plant has small flowers, they are rarely cultivated. These plant produces a slow glowing, medium-sized vines which form very large vegetative masses in nature.

Bouquets of flowers on sale
Modern transportation makes it possible to get fresh flowers
supplied from any part of the world, including India,
which offers a great variety of flowers
(Image by Freeimages.com)


This place consists of Lotus flower which is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. This flower is used as a symbol of beauty, youth and also life in many regions of the world. It is used so not only because of its vibrant colors but also because of its capability to bloom. More important is that the lotus is the national flower of India.

Tamil Nadu

The flower that is found in this region is Glory lily. This flower is tender with tuberous roots. This plant contains colchine and other alkaloids and therefore it is toxic if ingected. Different preparations of this plant are used in traditional medicine for many complaints.

Uttar Pradesh

The flower found in this region is Saussurea obvallata.This flower thrive best at an altitude of around 4500m.lt has a bitter taste. The entire plant is used and therefore it is an endangered species. It is used to cure disorders associated with genitals.

Andhra Pradesh

The flowers found in this region is Curled Aerides, which is in fact a truly beautiful glowing orchid flower. It thrives best in an altitude of 800-1200m. It has purple colored stem, dark green foliage and 10 inches long. During June and July, these flowers can last for about two to three weeks while in good condition. So if you need them fresh for a long time, visit the place during the month of June and July.

A variety of wild flowers
Being able to offer a variety of flowers is one of the keys
to a successful flower delivery service.
(Image by Freeimages.com)

Himachal Pradesh

Rhododendron arboretum is an evergreen shrub which is found in this place. This plant has very bright red flowers which are very attractive. The fact that the flowers of this plant are attractive and makes it to have a higher demand than others.

West Bengal

The flower found in this region is the frangipanis which have a sweet scent and sheer beauty. Frangipanis are hardy plants which can survive even if there is strong heat and drought. This flower plant fills the garden with a wonderful perfume.

India produces different varieties of flowers and if you are planning for the wedding and wants to buy flowers in a huge quantity visit the most beautiful and traditional country India. Here you can get flowers in the cheaper quantity.

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