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Guide to Christmas Fun
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Interesting stories about Christmas traditions,
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As the biggest Christian holiday, Christmas is celebrated around the world. Every year on the December 25th millions around the world enjoy a truly unique holiday that marks not only end of the calendar year, but also culminates in New Year's celebrations.

  Christmas celebrations around the globe
12 Christmas Trivia Facts

12 Christmas Trivia Facts

Many different customs that are now accepted as normal part of Christmas celebrations, trace their origins to different cultures in history. Examine 12 Christmas customs and their origins.

Ideas for Celebrating Christmas at the Office

Christmas at the Office Ideas

There are many wonderful ways to celebrate Christmas at home. But, how do you celebrate Christmas at the office? Here are four ways to celebrate your Christmas at the office.

Christmas Business Illustrations

Christmas Business Illustrations

Christmas visuals are an important part of holiday atmosphere. It's a great opportunity for business owners to promote their brand and products. Here are some ideas how to spread Christmas cheer.

Christmas Crafts for Everyone

Christmas Crafts for Everyone

If you’re looking for some cute and simple Christmas crafts to decorate your home for the holidays, we have some ideas you’ll love. They'll put you into holiday spirit and make for unique gifts and decor.

Christmas Decoration Ideas gallery

Christmas Decoration Ideas Gallery

Creating a holiday atmosphere in your home for Christmas doesn't need to cost a lot. With a small budget and creative ideas you can decorate your walls and small spaces, for a unique Christmas look.

Christmas in the USA

Christmas in the USA and Canada

Christmas traditions and celebrations in the USA and Canada are a blend of different customs that were brought to North America by German and English migrants in the earlier centuries.

Christmas Pom Pom Decorations

Christmas Pom-Pom Decorations

For Christmas we decorate the tree, the front door and even the windows to welcome the Christmas spirit. Instead of the traditional Christmas colours, try something fresh with pom-pom decorations.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Tree Ornaments

When it comes to choosing the ornaments for your family Christmas tree, you will find a whole variety of unique ornaments to decorate your tree, such as glass ornaments, candy canes, and little bows.

Christmas Tree Top Ornaments

Christmas Tree Top Ornaments

There are now many ornaments competing for this top of the tree position, apart from the traditional Christmas tree top fairy or angel and the commonly used star ornament.

Christmas Traditions in the World

Christmas Traditions in the World

The way Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world differ one from another. We look at the way this Christian holiday is celebrated in Betlehem, Germany and England.

Christmas Decorative Ideas for Small Space

Decorative Ideas for a Small Space

Christmas is a special time for families and friends to celebrate together the festive season. But if you have a small living space, it'd be hard to be a host. however, it doesn't mean you can't make the most.

History of Christmas

History of Christmas Celebrations

The origins of celebrating Christmas have its roots in many end-of-year celebrations, including pagan holiday, winter solstice celebration and the Roman Saturnalia Holiday.

Making Christmas Fun Crafts

Making Christmas Fun Crafts

The festive season is all about family togetherness, fun and enjoyment. There's a ton of fun to be had with preparing and making Christmas crafts to be used as tree decorations.

Popular Christmas Traditions

Popular Christmas Traditions

The way we celebrate Christmas today originates from many different Christmas traditions going back in centuries. Santa Claus, mistletoe kissing, and candy canes are only a few of Christmas traditions.

Christmas in the Philippines

Tropical Christmas in the Philippines

If you live in the northern hemisphere you might find it hard to imagine Christmas without snow. Find out what's it like to spend a tropical Christmas in the Philippines, with sand instead of snow.

Christmas Traditions and Origins

The origins of this perhaps most important of family holidays are many. We bring you some of these interesting stories of Christmas past and traditions, as well as many wonderful memories that these holidays bring and produce.

Christmas is steeped in many traditions and practices around the world, that have been celebrated over the centuries. But many of today's Christmas traditions come from Germany and England, have been also imported into the US and Canada.

Time before Christmas

It's the time of families' get together, shopping and exchanging gifts; time when you remember your loved ones - those close to you and those far away.

But most time spent on all things Christmas happens before Christmas, often starting as early as in October. These preparations include shopping for gifts and gift baskets organizing, as well as looking for Christmas trees and ornaments.

As the holiday season fever builds with anticipation and expectations, the true spirit of Christmas is experienced on Christmas Eve, with tree decorating and family dinner. To be followed with exchanging gifts on Christmas Day.

Christmas street decor in a city
Christmas displays and street decorations are common
in many world cities, large and small,
 adding to the festive season
atmopshere, as people go about their daily business.