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5 Decorative Ideas for a
Small Living Space This Christmas

Join Christmas festivities with these small space decorative ideas

'MERRY' letters on a string under small Christmas decor
When you are decorating a small living space this Christmas,
use some creativity and traditional Christmas motifs to create an
alternative to Christmas tree. (Image by Debbie Hudson via Unsplash)

Christmas is a time for friends and families to celebrate a joyous occasion during festive season, but sometimes not all of us have the privilege of being the host. With a small living space to deal with, some would argue that it’s not the most ideal to celebrate Christmas and in the end, you end up at your friends house who have space that’s twice the size. It still doesn’t mean you should miss out on the festivities that come with Christmas.

There are plenty of innovative ways that you can decorate your small living space at Christmas without having to worry about the tree taking up too much room. You might find the ideas might attract a few guests to the house too!

Small Christmas figurines hanging on a wall
Getting innovative with your Christmas decorations can quickly make
a plain space
look appealing and in festive mood. (Image via Pixabay)

Decorate your walls with Christmas cards

Christmas cards are a great decorative feature that you can use to display around your living space, but with so many likely to come through the letterbox it can be tough to actually find a space for them. However, even if you don’t have much floor space, you can definitely make the most of the walls and create a collage with each card that you get.

Find a smaller alternative to a Christmas tree

It’s a tradition to have a Christmas tree perched up in the corner of your room but they can take up quite a bit of space that makes it an annoying necessity. Luckily, there is an alternative way to stay festive without taking up too much room in your living space. Consider using the branches from the tree instead and put them in a vase to still provide a decorative look and then finish off by hanging a few baubles from the edges of each.

A girl in a red dress arranging a small Christmas tree
Even the smallest space can accommodate a small Christmas tree,
especially if you
allow your children to have all the fun decorating it.
(Image: Nyana Stoica via Unsplash)

Glue gun snowflakes

Not all countries have the benefit of having snow around the Winter period to make the season extra festive, so why not bring the outdoors in? If you can get your hands on a glue gun, create snowflake designs on your window so every time you pull back the blinds it gets you completely in the festive mood.

Use a tiered stand for your party food

Hosting the christmas party but worried you might not have enough space for all the food for the guests to enjoy? You could always use a tiered stand to display your food on your luxury coffee table. This way, more space is saved for all your nibble foods which the guests can help themselves to at any time.

A small Christmas arrangement tastefully done
With careful thought and a few decorating items
you can quickly come up with decorative ideas for small spaces,
to tastefully enhance Christmas festive mood.

Hang decorations from your ceiling

Utilise the space all the space that you have by hanging festive decorations from your ceiling. Whether it’s decorative lights or lightweight ornaments, items that are found on the ceiling are extremely unlikely to get in the way of your floor space but keep the joyful mood alive even from above.

Make the most of what you have this Christmas

Having a small living space should be no reason for you to miss the opportunity of hosting the best Christmas party ever. These small ideas can make a big difference to your festive celebrations and ensure you can enjoy the best possible occasion with your friends and family together.

Christmas Winter drawing with various Christmas decor figures on a wooden table
Over the years a lot of decorative items accummulate, all of which can be used
to create Christmas atmosphere in your living space, not matter how small.
(Image by Annie Spratt via Unsplash)

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